No Surprises. IV

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Love sickness is a big problem in contemporary society.

Submitted: August 30, 2008

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Submitted: August 30, 2008



The teachers voice had traces of static in it, like a radio without the best reception. My head was spinning, the blackboard swirling with the waves of churning nausea. I lay my head down, but the blackness it provided swirled as well, not to mention it was easier for his face to intrude in the darkness. I moved to stand, promptly tripping over my overly large feet, a chorus of laughter sounding in the background. I caught myself, though barely in time. There was something wrong. Sickening bile filled my throat as I stumbled to the door. The teacher addressed me in his deep throaty voice. I ignored him, or I would have if I’d understood him in the first place. My brain felt as if it was loose in my skull, free to roll and tumble around as it pleased. My eyes burnt and felt as if they were going to fall clean out of their sockets. Confusion and fear were allies as they assaulted the remaining working part of my mind. My tongue tasted of metal and it burnt as well. I all but ran out the door and down the worn stairs to a wave of heat that did absolutely nothing for my sickness. Staggering over to the railing, I lent over, vomiting into the dusty garden below. I fell back, slightly relieved, though the dizziness had failed to dissipate. I sat on a nearby step, trying to clear my head. Shuffling footsteps sounded behind me, as if someone was trying to be quiet as they descended upon me. I turned around, too fast, making me feel the need to hurl again. I held it off, and once my sight returned, I saw who it was. ‘God, not now.’ I thought.

“Hah!You’re always getting yourself into trouble, aren’t you?” He paused, waiting for a reply. When he noticed I wasn’t going to speak he continued, “Hey, you really don’t look to good. You ok, mate?” In response I rose, fast, and sprinted to the ledge, throwing up another lot. I guess that answered his question. Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I shrugged slightly. In that time he’d moved to my side and had my arm around his shoulders, taking quite a lot of my weight. He was fairly strong for his size. I baulked and tried to pull away, to no avail. Without delay he dragged me carefully off in the direction of the administrative buildings. I wasn’t used to such willingness to help, and so struggled against him every step of the way.

Swirling greys and browns and oranges of what I supposed were bricks and concrete flew past as we made our steady way towards the office. Big squares of blue often invaded my sight, once eclipsing my vision so completely I panicked quietly at the thought of being blinded by it. He tried to make conversation, though he knew I was in no state to speak, so he just made do with telling me about himself.
“Yeah, I’m new to the school, as you know. Having some fun finding my way around. It really is quite a large school, isn’t it?I came from a small school in a little town out in Whoop Whoop, so having all these buildings and people in one place is really a new experience. The town is really quite big too, isn’t…” He stopped as I suddenly fought against his leading. I slurred an illegible question.
“Sorry…?” He replied. I steadied myself to try again. Taking a few deep breathes, I began slowly to speak.
“What’s your n-name? Y-you haven’t told me your name yet.” I gasped, my head lolling to the side in a wave of dizziness. He seemed taken aback.
“Oh, of course. Terribly sorry about that. My name is…” He paused again as I searched for somewhere to vomit. It would seem expending any energy whatsoever would lead to vomiting. Fun. After I finished he was around me again, supporting my weight, as we made our way forwards in silence. I didn’t press the point.

The light blue walls of administration were somewhat more comforting then the bleak browns and greys of the bricks outside. I grimaced with the effort of making my way over to the counter. When I reached it, I tried to speak, my words slurring. The receptionist looked at me with the same mixture of disgust and pity my classmates viewed me with. I ignored it and tried to continue, only to be cut off by a concerned voice behind me.
“He needs to sign into sickbay and go home, possibly even to the hospital. He’s been vomiting at every opportunity all the way from the other side of the school.” He chuckled to himself nervously. He seemed genuinely concerned for my wellbeing. I think I’d be touched if I was in any state other then this one, I thought as I dashed from the room to heave over the railing, almost missing the garden and hitting the footpath below.
“See what I mean?” I heard him say from inside. I smiled in spite of my predicament and tottered noisily back through the door. I noticed for the first time, something other then swirling colours. Music was playing quietly in the background. It calmed me. Augie March, One Crowded Hour. I thought that was nice, as I wobbled over to the sparsely cushioned, spindly couch. I wondered for a minute if it’d even support my weight, but then collapsed, utterly exhausted upon its cold, metallic bed.

I woke to the sound of voices. Dizziness still assailed me from all directions like silent ninja assassins. A beep in the corner chimed an irregular beat. My eyes didn’t want to stay open, but I forced them to keep a look out. It was hard, draining work. I searched the room through the haze, seeing only blobs of colour here and there. A blob of white here, and one of blue next to that. Lab coat and scrubs, I assumed. They were looking over a small square monitor and discussing its readings. I looked to the other side of the room to too blobs I instantly recognized as my mother and sister. They sounded worried; I best comfort them and say it’ll be all right. I tried to muster the energy. They kept glancing at the corner and I wondered what they were looking at that could be more important then me at the moment. To be honest, I was slightly annoyed.Levering myself up on my elbow, I stole a glance at what held their attention. His deep, dark eyes shocked me, my heart skipping a beat or two, my chest feeling like it was being ripped open. The irregular beating shrieked at the same moment, and I realised it was a heart monitor. I blushed in embarrassment, and tried to act normal. It didn’t work very well. The doctors fussed over me for a few minutes, making sure I was fine, all the while, my family throwing even more curious and somewhat disgusted looks over at him. His eyes never left me.

I fell back to sleep.

His eyes followed me in my dreams.

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