greater then the sum of your parts

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This simply discusses the art of intellectualism and always striving to learn and to grow as a person.

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Submitted: June 01, 2012




How am I ever going to be a true intellectual, truly delve into myself for the sake of challenging intellect as well as helping others?
What’s the difference between our minds and our souls? I suppose our souls are the essence of someone that could never be replicated.
The extra part that is separate from all the other parts.

I want to be a philosopher of emotion, of mankind, of the soul. Perhaps my revelations will be tantamount to insanity and perhaps
I will never save someone but then again, as noble and admirable as that approach is, that is not why one ponders and reflects deeply in oneself.
We do this because anything other than this is nothing short of a travesty.  It is plausible that being truly enlightened is excepting you cannot know everything,
to make amends with the mere impossibility of having all the answers yet still have a yearning for knowledge. I am not referring to an education.
Thinking nor intellect is a requirement of the well educated; however when one is already in possession of such characteristics education is often appealing to us.

An intellectual should have the upmost passion and respect for all art forms and recognize that everything in life is art.
This is why artist’s work is derived from ordinary individuals, scenarios, ideals, and philosophies. Of course who can declare intellectualism definitively?
It may be that the true intellectuals are not aware, or perhaps have doubts, that they are a genuine intellectual due to their acute awareness of the objectivity
that is enthralled when analyzing the art of being, thinking, and feeling. As well as how intricate and unyieldingly scrupulous
one must be concerning the study of souls.


Your soul, your being, your essence, it cannot be replicated unceremoniously by simply replicating the environment and genetic makeup.
There is a piece of you that reaches beyond the sum of your parts. Relish in that permeable fact and allow it to soak you up.
Permit it to be the inspiration for your continued towards self enlightenment. 

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