A Dream to See my Love

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True love never dies, the first love will always be there in your heart it's the one that will be in the back of your mind each and every single day.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



There was a girl and a boy... blah the usual story right but, they were more connected than any other usual girl and boy. They were classmates.. friends.. best friends. "Friends forever and ever," they would say. Both of them didn't notice that their friendship grew with time they didn't notice that their friendship was turning into love, they couldn't notice because they were 5 and they didn't feel it but, in a way it was there. When they were about 13 the girl had to move, the boy told her "I will wait for you remember our promise, friends forever and ever." They didn't see each other for a very long time. She would always think of him, question herself "What happened?" Day and night they would rise up to a new awakening, waiting to meet back together. 

At the age of 19 Eliza had to go to college, she looked out the window and she suddenly remembered the promise "Friends forever and ever," that's when she found out that they weren't just friends, she knew that she loved him. She left with a goodbye, a tear, and a wish to see him once again. She was walking down the hallways at college when she bumped into a guy, tall, dark brown hair, and deep blue eyes. They looked at each other for a long time and Eliza broke the silence by asking "Have we met?" His voice was gorgeous and beautiful and he whispered "I believe so... are you Eliza from when we were young?" She then replied with "Friends forever and ever," she smiled and he smiled back at her. He gave her a note and then suddenly she was confused. The note said: 

Dear Eliza, 

I have spent my whole life wishing to find you and I wanted to say it was enchanting to meet you. I once promised you "Friends forever and ever," I want to say that I tried keeping my promise everyday and as I awakened one day I thought you were gone.. I thought you were never coming back. i should've looked for you but, all I did was wake up and wish you would come back. There I was every night forcing laughter and faking smiles with my friends and family hoping for you to come back.

With love, 


She was crying, then the phone rang. Her mom spoke with a very frail, sad voice. "Eliza remember Daniel from when you were young, he.. well he died 3 days before you left in a car accident, his last words were that he tried to keep his promise for a long time but it was time to go and say goodbye. Eliza he said he loved you. He died on his way to college, he couldn't make it, I was hoping you met up with him in college but, he just couldn't make it, Eliza I am sorry." 




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