Forever Ours

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-True love never dies, it stays strong, lasts forever and overcome all the obstacles together.
This is a short story about a girl named Luna that meets a guy their love is so strong that even after a father's warning, and a few years their love still finds its way into forever .

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013




My name is Luna and they say my eyes shine like the moon, I never believed them, they're all lies I would tell myself; until I met him. So many memories we have had together they were unforgettable, when we met our eyes gazed at each other and it was magical. Our friends laughed and made jokes about us all the time until we both finally fell in love, but still didn’t want to admit it. Time passed we talked to each other and every new day I would wake up to a good morning beautiful and sleep with a goodnight sweet dreams. So many memories but, the one I specially remember was the one we had on our first valentines day together. We were having dinner for two, with candles and beautiful with a table outside where you could see the sunset. Suddenly it started raining ferociously, we ran together and all this time he was holding my hand. He smiled as he looked at me and laughed. “Why are you laughing? Our date is ruined" I told him. “Your funny well you see, I laugh, smile because even though all of this is ruined at the end I am still holding you in my arms.” I smiled it was true the sun was still going down and he was still holding me with his warm arms.

Yes how I remember that day or the day when we were together in the park, we played like little kids, but he didn’t care I was after a long time his girl and it didn’t matter if I was mature or not. He told me “I can’t stop thinking about you; I know it’s too soon but I can’t hold it inside me anymore, I love you.” I smiled and looked into his eyes and said I love you too. We both laid there and soon it was dark, we counted stars, he told stories, adventures about how he played and pretended to be a pirate. All of a sudden he got up really fast, he was like “come on lets play I will be the hero and I will save you.” “Of course,” I climbed to the highest peak in the slide and my clumsy self tripped. I fell and he catched me, he was my hero.  Memories yes, I remember when he was taking me to a fancy dinner with his parents, but instead we drove off to a pizza place, I was wearing heels and a dress, we pretended to hear music and we danced like we were having a ball. Later that night he took me to the carnival, we were dressed so fancy and people looked at us differently but, we didn’t care we had each other; we got on the Ferris wheel. “Why are you doing this you know I am scared off heights.” “Don’t worry I got you if you fall remember, but if you want we could go to the beach.” We took a long walk along the beach, the sand was white and warm, we could hear the thundering waves he was going to kiss me and instead he kissed me in the forehead. “Why?” “Because I don’t just want to kiss you I respect you, you deserve to be treated like the princess you are.” I smiled we continued walking and that’s when I saw my dad coming after me, he was yelling at me badly. My only escape from the yelling and the torturing was to be with him and my dad told him if he didn’t back away he would kill him. I cried, he told me to meet him in the harbor where we could escape together that night but, I didn’t want to leave my sick mother here. He left and when he did he took everything I had with him, he left me empty with no soul, no more love to give the last thing  he gave me was a note that read:

I am not leaving without you Luna, just remember that I will be coming back for you soon, don’t worry everything will be ok.


Days passed and those days turned to weeks, months and it was a year after he left… he didn’t come back. I forgot to tell him I was pregnant, I was waiting for the right time. I never found anyone else after all that happened. Then one day I was planting flowers in the front lawn of my new house. My beautiful daughter was 1 year and her name was Harmony because she reminded me off all the joy that he gave me. “Mommy who is that guy standing in the lawn?” It was him he had a bouquet of roses in his hand, “I told you I was coming back. Who is she?” His face expression looked sad, his face looked lost and he said “Oh I see I should leave I am sorry I came to late…”

“Daniel, this is your daughter… I didn’t know how to tell you when you left that night I was pregnant... her name is Harmony.” His smile was just like the smile he gave me when we first met, he took me into his arms. I felt safe. “I guess I have two beautiful princesses now.” I remember, I remember when we got married after 2 years of the incident how he proposed to me.. he gave the ring to Harmony and told her to give it to me in a 4 dozen bouquet of white roses. We got married in the exact place where he took me one time in the prairie, there was beautiful seats and when everyone turned around to look at me, I stared at him and he smiled I closed my eyes and remembered… all of our memories. That day was not just a wedding it was true love, it was ours.


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