Why she hates me so much??

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This is my experience go bAck when i was elementary.. I dont know that there is a teacher like her.. Im very embArassed that time in the frönt of my classmates and to her co-teachers n0t just once but for many times..

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



I encountered a teacher who hated me and i dont know why she hates me. I dont have a specific idea why she so angry with me. Shes one of my teacher in elementary and i dont need to name her. Until now i remember all the things she done in me. One day, theres a typhoon which caused a heavy flood so we have no classes within 3 consecutive days. Then the next week, our teacher told us why were not there last saturday to help cleaning the mess inside the room. I was shocked when she paid her attention to me, she told me \"ikaw di na kita inaasahan na pumunta alam koNg di ka naman pupunta dahil tamad ka\". She said those words to me in the front of the class \"ni hindi ka man lang yata nakapaglampaso ng semento eh\". At that time i was embarassed to my self and especially in my classmates. I think they're all laughing and thinking about me. I tried to controlled my tears fall to my eyes. And i wait until the lunch break. Every lunch break, im going home to eat for my lunch, while im walking my one classmate telling me that why our teacher says that im lazy but she said in me \"bakit, naglilinis ka naman ah.. May mas tamad pa nga sa'yo tapos ikaw lang pinagalitan at pinahiya ka pa?\". The only things i do is to keep quiet.. And not only one time she got angry in me. There was a time that she was talking to her co-teacher while i sweeping the grass. She told her that i am the laziest student she hold.. \"siya ang pinakatamad na estudyanteng nawakan ko\".. For the second time, i got embarassed.. And the last time, during our recognition day, my teacher in home economics gave me a surprise award. I saw her looking at me in a bad mood face..

I do not know why she always angry only in me.. I cant remember if i've done bad things to her but i cant help myself stop thinking 'coz all my teacher in elementary likes me except her. I think its not my problem, its her.. I bet she did not deserved to be a teacher.

Thats why i took the course of teaching and also majoring elementary profession. If i will given a chance to teach, i will surely give my best as a great teacher. I wont let my pupils get hurt or lost of love by their teacher. I wont let them to experience the feeling of being embArassed or upset. I will be their second m0ther.. Now im 3rd yr.college. And i wish i would pass this course to teach children.

My advice for the other teachers are to teach not just to earn but to make your students learn.. Its n0t about a profession/job, its about the responsibilities you oath..

Sorry for the mistakes of my work.. Im not that good in english but i wil practice it until to make it perfect :-)

just place comments or suggestions, and i wil response quickly as long as i can. Thank you <3

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