God: He is The Great I am

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More of a song turned into a poem that I made up to an inspiring beat I heard. Be aware I'm not referring to myself in this poem/song

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



I'm the air that fills your lungs and gives you breath to live

I'm the water that gives everything the strength to live

I'm the one that made the sun and gave it light to shine

I'm the one that made the night-sky with the stars that shine

I'm the love that you seek

I'm that freedom that you want

I'm the one that fills the emptiness that runs inside

I'm the one that cleanse the heart in you where I reside

Even when the world is on fire

Collapse in flames ingulfed in fire

I will free you from the flames, heal you through the pain

Guard you guide you help you see

The way to me

Let me be your everything and see that I provide

Let me show you love only I can provide

Great I Am

Love I Am

There is no other God like I Am

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