Life It Is What It Is

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Let it out raw

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



life is a menacing

common traveld road with that bitter tast of medicine

every step feels like another here I go again

I feel like carrousel I feel like I'm falling down slow with a parasal

who can catch me when you near me

At the top of my lungs when you hear me

I feel no responds who can hear me

I take a step back from life

I see many in pain from the pains of life

all struggle and strive to survive on that money nick named your life

In this generation lust is must

to get around

Sex sells likedrugs

Its been around

Strip it off and let it out

The let me and leave me alone

whileI hang it out

Hatred;the nemesis the absence of love

The I hate you hate them just because

Don't know why they hate but love to fuss

And the hold a grudge from the land before time

tell the end of us

Life is hard and short

Why make it the death of us

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