The Rising Pheonix

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The sky is not the limit. What I Think and Where I see Myself Is The Limit. Life Isn't my master, but my tool and my teacher.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012




From the ashes I rise

From a stressfull mind

From a broken heart

And a broken life

From a painfull past

From friends of lies

And a life of strife;

Like a Pheonix I rise,

Flying high above

All my burdens below

Breaking bolders and bricks

That block my road,

They'll be picking up sticks

As they feed my fire I fly higher ;

See me as I flap my wings

As I take off I lift off

I shake off all heaviness

I break off and press on with less weariness,

I was born to fly

I was created to soar

I was not ment for less

I was desired for more,

May my eyes see

And my mind understand

My heart that's easy to love, but hard to comprehend;

Like a Phoenix I rise

I leave a blazing trail of flames as I rise like fire

My eyes lifted and inspired burning with dreams of desire

One that never dies as my heart continues to survive

From the ashes I rise I arrive

After ashes I thrive

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