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the story reveals little by little the story of man sitting in an apartment alone. His story is sad and horrifying . If you like happy endings then don't read this story .

Submitted: June 01, 2013

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Submitted: June 01, 2013



There never was a kid in the apartment next door.  There was never any kid crying or laughing. Only a woman’s shrieks’ and a man’s hot slaps. That was the environment in which my mother left me every morning when she went to work. For 10 years, that was all I was accustomed to. When I turned 11, my mother couldn’t understand my need to run off on the streets.  She didn’t understand why I was all of the sudden violent and rude. Thought it was a passing crisis. Looking at myself now, guess it’s not.

My mother died yesterday but I’m still here. In this apartment that stinks off my own shit.  The dark apartment in which I live is not furnished. I never dare  invite a girl over she might run away.  Well if she ever gets to my apartment door, that is.  I’m always thinking of cleaning the stained windows but I never get enough time to.  The boss gives me just too much work. The last one he gave me was tremendously challenging but not impossible. I’d have to thank him about it the next time I see him.  It made me stronger. The cigarettes I’ve been smoking give a bit of light in this room. It also keeps me from smelling what is coming from the bathroom.  Cigarettes are the only things that keep me alive. It’s funny because they keep saying it’ll kill me.  But the only thing that’s killing me now is the bullet in my abdomen.

Who would have thought she had taken gun shooting classes.  Funny but it didn’t save her anyway did it?  She fought hard. It was pretty funny but I had to end it as some point.  It was really pleasuring, I now understand why the neighbors used to fight. Poor woman she didn’t have as much sex appeal as my mother. Her husband used to go my mother’s work place every now and then. Guess his wife didn’t like it much.  Altogether the fighting stopped and the man asked my mum out one Sunday.

We were eating lunch in our dusty apartment, when the bell rang.  My mother cursed, “Who the heck is coming here again. I keep telling them time and time again that I work from 8 to 12 and only at Sassy’s place. How can we do things here with the kid around? Oh men! When it comes to their sexual pleasures they never think, do they?” With that said she half opened the door that never quiet stops creaking and saw the neighbor. He had flowers and a laughable smile. She didn’t think twice and slammed the door in his face. She came back scowling. We continued eating like nothing had ever happened and that was last time we heard from poor neighbor.

Today I understand why so many men were after my mother, she has a gift for giving the kind of pleasure a man would never imagine. But I didn’t’ think she was that strong.  She died like she lived. In shame and in dishonor. 

The pain in my abdomen keeps growing, I have to call Rex but I haven’t got enough strength. I guess I’ll have to die with my mother. Her blood has covered the whole apartment floor and her decaying body scent is nauseous. I guess I’ll have to die with it. My last cigarette is almost finished. Let’s walk to the bathroom and lay next our mother.  With my last strength I walk to the bloody bathroom where I must die. Dying is not hard, I only have to remember the day my father raped me in my bed, and I die peacefully.

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