Getting over him

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my thoughts on a guy i like . it's way like the title says , to get over him.

Submitted: June 01, 2013

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Submitted: June 01, 2013



Getting over him.

I won’t tell you his name but I will tell you about him. I didn't fall for him the first day I met him. Actually I thought he was just another ugly guy.  A guy of no importance, plus I had other things in mind. Another boy. A stupid boy.  Well I never really forgot that other one when I finally fell for him. For his profound blue eyes that hypnotise me. They’re so deep that when I look in them it’s like I'm drowning in the dark blue sea. I've never seen anything more beautiful than his eyes. When I look into his eyes I shiver and I lose my voice. I look pretty stupid when that happens. I can’t communicate any more and he doesn't understand me. Has he ever? I wonder. But when I look into his eyes I forget everything and I'm happy. But happiness never lasts. Whiles his blue eyes sparkle his pale white face, keeps me wondering. He’s conscious of the pimples on his face and wants to dearly get rid of them, who wouldn't? But I don’t really care about his pimples. I'm too mesmerized by eyes to see them. His face is mostly expressionless, sometimes full of indifference. Sometimes a bit more concerned. Who knows what he really ever thinks about? I wish I knew. I never will.  His nose, his crooked- long nose. Wish i’d kissed it when I had the chance to. Now it’s too late. I love his nose. And his lips. Yeah his lips. Pink. Medium sized.  I can’t remember its touch any more. It must have been soft and bumpy. I almost feel it. Just need to picture it to feel it. When I do, I almost cry. I definitely miss his touch. I miss being in his arms. I miss sitting on his thighs. I miss his cryptical smile. The one that says: “should I kiss you?” or “What are you thinking now” or again “what do you want from me?” That last one is the one I could never answer. I wanted to own you but not too much. I wanted you to love me but you didn’t know how. You wanted me to tell you how but, how could I? How could I tell you how to love me? I didn't know myself.  You said you thought I wasn't interested in you any more.  How could I not be? I loved you. I think I still do. No matter what I do. I always will. Love you. I guess it’s not going to be easy getting over you. Maybe I never will. 

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