1 Act Play on Bullying

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
15 year old Tristan is constantly bullied by members of the football team because he is gay. One day Tristan decides to end his life, but will he go through with it? or not? read the script to find out.

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013



[Takes place in an art room, two jocks are beating Tristan. They starting tugging him around, Jock #1 grab’s Tristan by the shirt and throw’s him against the table.]

Jock #1: ‘Why do you even bother coming to school?! You faggot!’

Tristan: ‘I don’t know…jus…just leave me alone’

Jock #2: ‘Awe…look, we made Tinkerbelle upset’

[Tristan gets up]

Tristan: Just, leave me alone okay?

Jock #1: What? You think you’re better than us?!

[Tristan shakes his head]

Jock #1: Huh! Well do you!

Tristan: No, no I don’t

Jock #2: That’s right, your nothing, and if we ever see your face again at school (pause)

We will break it.

[Tristan looks down, all worry]

Jock #1: Hey, come on man were going to be late for practice

Jock #2: Yeah, hold on a second

[Punches Tristan, in gut]  Just wanted to be clear on what I said

[Jocks Exit]

[Tristan weeps for a while, then gets up]

Tristan: Why? Why does it have to be me? What did I ever do to be hated so much? It hurts, and nobody could understand how much it hurts. It’s like your heart has been ripped out of your chest and that it has been stomped on several times. I just want this to end, so that I wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.

[Looks behind him, and sees a blade] It’s probably better this way, and this way I won’t be able to feel anything.

[Walks to table, picks up blade]

[Jenna Enters]

Jenna: Tristan?

[Tristan’s about to plunge the knife in him]

Jenna: Tristan! Stop!

[Takes the blade from him]

Jenna: What were you thinking?!

Tristan: Guess I wasn’t, maybe I just wanted it to be over

Jenna: To be what over!? Your life!

Tristan: All of this! Feeling scared, always getting bullied. Always being treated like I’m a freak of nature. I hate it! I hate this feeling Jenna!

[Tristan sits down]

Jenna: Tristan, I know what you’re going through

Tristan: I doubt it

Jenna: I do, you think I’ve never been bullied because of who I am. Believe me I do and it sucks. But I try not to let it bother me.

Tristan: How do you do it? I mean not let it bother you.

[Jenna sits with him]

Jenna: It’s not easy, but I try to remember that it doesn’t matter what people think. It’s what you think of yourself. Do you believe you’re a freak of nature?

Tristan: No, I guess I was just upset, of what those jocks said to me

Jenna: Well don’t, because they’re idiots

Tristan: I’m sorry that I made you worried

Jenna: It’s okay and if you need a friend or someone to talk too, I’ll listen

Tristan: Thanks Jenna, I owe you

[Hugs her]

Jenna: You don’t owe me anything, I’m just glad you’re okay

[Black Out]





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