Cards of power

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Welcome to M.C.A, Matter Card Academy. A place for rich children to study the use of these amazing cards. Matter Cards are cards that can rearrange the matter and molecules in the air and the unlimited amount of molecules in the card to create what the card depicts. Some are used on a daily bases, others are rare and more difficult to use. This is the 23rd century the age of Cards!

Submitted: November 29, 2013

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Submitted: November 29, 2013



Morning, school yard before first period.

Kim: I am so tired.

Lily: Well that’s what you get spending all night in your room studying... Okay you are totally lame, I mean you should be staying up all night partying or watching tv not studying!

Kim: Look I got on here on scholarship and if I don't get in the top 10 every major test I get kicked out!

Lily: ok but I must say that you don't look so well. Did you sleep at all last night?

Kim: No, let's just get to class.

In classroom, tables of 4 are in a circle all around the room.

Prof. Hoffer: Ok class look for the desk with your name and sit down! Today we are going to have group battles with each other’s groups so decide the order you want to go in and we'll get started!

Kim: OUCH!!

Lily: What?

Kim: someone just pulled my hair!

Melanie: HAHA! You mean the strings of rust! I thought it had been growing on you sorry!

Lily: Well at least it doesn't look like your bun of mud!

Kim: Lily! She is the daughter of one of the biggest donators, she could get you expelled!

Lily: I don't care! This boarding school is for kids to learn how to use Matter Cards not rub their parent’s status in another’s face!

Prof. Hoffer: Kim! Lily! Sit down KNOW!

Lily: Sure... (Sits down) Kim I sit next to you and Toran.

Kim: Cool.

Toran: KIM!! (Hugs) I missed you, did anyone hurt you?

Kim: Gaah! Toran (giggles)

Lily: Ladies and gentlemen, now introducing the son of the 7th top share holder in the world and man with a serious Kim complex... Toran!!(Announcer voice)

Toran: Thank you, thank you! (Bows)

Kim: You two are really weird. You both insult each other’s looks and personalities for fun but are exactly alike, even your Black hair is the same length, IT'S WEIRD!

All laugh

Chatter escalates as crowd comes in

Toran: Who is that? I heard we had a new student changing classes but he must be richer than me, to get all this attention!

Lily: OMG! It's Earric, He's the first son of the man who created Matter Cards!

Kim looks at sit next to her

Kim: Damn it!

Toran: WHAT?!?

Kim: He sits next to me! Now everyone will come over and bother us!

Earric comes over

Earric: Sorry, I won't let them disturb us. (Flirty tone) Do you think you can help me out in this class?

Kim: No... Your dad is the whole reason we study here and you don't even know how to use the very thing he created? It's pathetic and if you don’t know by now you never will. You’re just a lost cause.

Toran and Lily: Pfft, HAHAHAHAHA


Lily: Sorry buddy but Kim doesn't care for anyone who takes advantage of status or doesn't care for Matter Cards. AND YOU JUST DID BOTH! (Laughing voice)

Everyone stares at table in aw

Toran: She's the only one to ever get a scholarship to this school and can use level 87 Matter Cards, the highest level in the school and you think you can hit on her just like that? Man, guys have been trying sense she got here!

Earric: Wait, so you’re Kim Haler?

Kim: Problem? Wait I know you thought I'd be prettier. Not rust colored hair that goes to the middle back like infectious wires and pale green eyes that look like half dead grass. Yeah I know. (Ignores Earric)

Toran: Wait, did Melanie pull your hair again?!

Lily: Yeah, really hard too, she even called it strings of rust!

Kim: Guys its fine, so who wants to go first?

Toran: Ooh no, you’re not changing the subject that easily.

Lily: OOOH! I want to go second so Toran can go first and you third. That way we can battle a little before you wipe them all out.

Toran: Don't ignore me!!

Kim: Alright. So it wil go Toran, Lily, and then me.

Earric: Hey I'm here too! I want to battle and I wasn't going to insult you! I admire you and your hard work!

Everyone stares at Earric as he flusters around

Kim: Pfft! Okay sorry, I just get comments like that all the time so I figured you were the same. (Pat seat next to her) So when do you want to go?

Earric: Well... (Sits down) I want to go third so can you go last? (Crowd slowly disperses)

Toran: Hey! How can you accept him so easily! It took you weeks to trust me?!

Lily: Lucky you it took me a month.

Kim: You can see his sincerity in his eyes (Turns and glares at Lily and Toran) besides you both told me that you originally wanted to prank me.

Lily and Toran...

By the door

Prof.Hoffer: SHUT UP YOU OLD WENCH!! My class doesn't need any petty problems that she could give!

Prof. Stanlic: She is a student just like the others! Know let her come!

Kim: Prof. Stanlic! Is mom okay?

.Prof. Stanlic: yes she just got transferred to a better hospital in England! I just had to tell you!

Kim: So she got my winnings from the tournament, that's good.

(Back at table)

Lily: That's great that her mom is getting better care.

Toran: yeah, she's had it tough.

Earric: Wait, What's wrong with her mom?

Lily: she saved Kim from a gun shooting at their old neighborhood and it hit a lot of vital points and spine. It's a miracle that Kim was studying Matter Cards and made some equipment to save her.

Toran: Kim is really poor she lived in a motel room while her mom worked as a maid there to work of the debt her dad left them when leaving with his mistress. She's had it really rough and that's why the insults at school don't bother her.

Earric: I never knew that. I figured she was just a regular girl who liked Matter Cards.

Toran: No, For Kim, it's not a choice if she wants to save her mom.

(All three look at Kim who is smiling with Prof. Stanlic)

End of Scene One.

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