Farming Troubles

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

well this is set in a world of fantasy where every human now has a gift and this is actually just to help me get a feel for an actual story and so I wrote about a problem in a farming family and it grew on me so why not.

Thunderstorms, I hate thunderstorms. I cower in the corner of my little room when Thorn, my twin brother, came running in with Birch, my older brother. Thorn is terrified of lighting, I am scared to death of thunder. He grabs hold of my pale white arms and I do the same. We huddle together and birch covers us in blankets and his big warm arms.

"It’s okay Rose, Thorn." We stay like this for a while. When it stops we start to relax but not for long. Mom and dad ran inside and hugged us.

"Are you two okay? We just went to the closest town to sell our fruits and herbs. We had no idea it would rain." Mom was almost in tears.

"We’re okay, mom. It’s over know."

I give her a hug. Thorn just wiped his nose and acted tough but dad must have seen how much he wanted a hug too because he gave him a bear hug. Birch slicked back his messy brown hair but it curled around his face. Birch had a good sturdy figure that he gets from my dad. Torn and I take after our mother and are pale and slim.

"I need to go now, I am at the end of my book." Birch walks off. When mom and dad walk off, I pull my fire red hair up, it still waves around my hips but I like it long. Torn does too, he has his choppy and around his shoulders. We walk out of our room when dad yells for us all to come. When we gather at the farm outside, I knew why we were called. Instead of our plants and herbs, there was a large indent. Someone had used magic here.

"Who did this!" dad yells at us, his face might have been one of our ripe tomatoes.

"Kids, just tell us." Mom was at her wits end too. She couldn’t heal the plants. We stay silent.

"Fine! You’re all grounded! No desert, no books, no shelter from storms!" dad pointed to a shed and then walked inside with mom. When Birch checked, the doors were locked. We walk into the shed and sit down.

"Birch, you did it didn’t you! Only you can use magic that strong!" Thorn points at him. Birch knows everything and I mean it. He has the gift of complete knowledge. He taught us everything. He’s 16 so technical he was supposed to gain complete control of it a year ago but he did that at 10 years old. Thorn and I are a year away from that. Complete control af elements. I love my gift, then I can stop the rain.

"Thorn! We don’t know that!" I swat his hand and then hold it.

"Well, he’s right Rose, I did do it." He lowers his head.

"Hah." Thorn jumps up.

"What?" I was in shock.

"When it was raining so hard. I read in a book that if you go to were some lighting will hit and chant tis incantation it would stop. No thunder or lighting means no Rose or Thorn in fear." Birch sighs and stands up. "Guess, I should tell them." We jump on him.

Submitted: November 30, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Rena Locker. All rights reserved.

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In this story, I liked how the children cared for each other. The magic part was a surprise. I liked how Birch had good intentions to make the thunderstorms go away. An enjoyable read! Thanks for sharing:)

Thu, December 5th, 2013 12:23am

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