Judgement day: invasion

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a world destroyed for power, human against animal, the human race once stood tall, their military undefeated.......then the fur's rose up and crippled our military, sending us to camps or just murdering our kind, why do they do this you ask? a young man ventures through what use to be his home town in seek of an answer along his way he uncovers one of the worlds most deep and darkest secret...

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012





The message

"this is hoffmen, sargent james hoffmen....this message is for.....is for any survivors out in the city, we need rebel forces.....we need you to come and help us.....oh god, I need you to help us, this is sargent james hoffmen, telling all of you to never give up hope........god speed everyone" that's the message i heard, the message that did give me hope. i was an 18 year old kid, in a world destroyed by.....by animals. That was the message that started my jurney to a rebel camp, to salvation, to people i could trust.....i only wish i knew that, that message was a trap, by the time i found out it was to late...


I stood on the outskerts of my old home town, hidding in some bushes, the city was surrounded by furs, tanks, jeeps, jets, they had a whole military. the legs of one of the furry soldiers past infront of my vision, i stood crouching in the bush silent, then a tanks treds past by as the sound of the engine roared. i could hear a conversation going on by me. "when the hell are we pulling out of here?" one of the soldiers asked. "shut up, we'll get back to base when we do alright...jeeze its like working with a damn child." the second soldier replied, the second soldiers voice sounded like a female's voice, but rough and tumble at the same time "yea yea, screw off, you still owe me that suprise right?" the first soldier asked. "what, oh yea shit, my bad, its back in the truck, stay here while i go get it." after the second female soldier said that, a pair of legs ran past the bush i hid in. i almost jumped in fright seeing the soldier run by, but i cept my cool. i was so close, right outside the gate to the city but, all the soldiers, i knew if one saw me i would be dead. "hey, HEY! shit get down!!" i heard a soldier say from a distance. "GET IN COVER!! MOVE MOVE!!" i heard another yell, i didnt know what was going on. then a whistle in the sky came, it was a missile. the missile raced toward my location as i watched it, it ran head first into one of the tanks across from me, the tank was ripped open by the force of the explosion, then shots fired, i was caught in a firefight between rebels and furs "shit shit shit!" i said to myself as i say a soldier infront of me get gunned down. i knew i had to get out of there or i would die as well. "into the city!" i thought to myself, my instinked completely took over as i dartted out the bushes and ran, picking up one of the dead soldiers gun's as i was running, i ducked behind a destroyed jeep, bullets zipping by me as bombs went off everywhere, the soldiers did not pay any attention to me, but i was trapped in a firefight, no way out, running any further than this would be suicide. i didnt know what to do...


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