Punching Tables

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This poem is based on something that happened to me in the 6th grade. It became my first poem I've ever written.

Submitted: June 17, 2011

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Submitted: June 17, 2011



Sometimes all you need to do

is punch a table,

without any warning

it just goes


The volcano erupted

and the evidence was able

to silence the room

just by puching a table

My chest was pounding

and my mind was consumed in its anger

staring into space

I whisper to myself,

"God, Ijust hate her."

She took it to the edge

and stole my self confidence

that was all it took

to find the need to punch a table

Shes' the girl with everything

the look, the sports, the grades

of course, theres nothing wrong with those things

but she ain't got the right

to shove it in my face

maybe she just doesn't get

what those words actually meant to me

I wanted to go off on her !

I wanted to yell and scream !

but at that moment

all I could think to do

was to punch this table

right in front of you

how would you like it

if you wern't good at something

and someone who was said

"You suck. I wished you'd leave."

I don't know about you

but when someone says things

like that to me

you can be as sure as heck

that it wouldnt make me very happy

So sure,

Ms. Perfect

I suck at sports but thats ok

I don't live to please you anyway.

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