A World Inside A Troubled Mind

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It expresses my inner self, hidden from those who hurt me and tear me down.

Submitted: March 19, 2010

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Submitted: March 19, 2010



There is a world inside of me

That no one understands

A world inside of me

That i hold so dear and keep protected

In that world

Is happiness, joy, and light

It is where my aura burns the brightest

Like a eternal candle that never melts down

Or loses its wax

Where there is sunlight instead of darkness

And there are no worries and troubles

Either heard of or found

A place inside of me

Where my emotions are shown fearlessly and true

A world inside of me

Where I can lose my former self

And think about someplace better

Where I can explore hopes and dreams

Without having to hide away from those who could take them from me

The world inside of me

Is where I can love without dangerous care

Where I can live harmoniously and have a peace of mind

Somewhere I can connect my true self with my own thoughts

And not have to worry about the others I am forced to face

Day to day

My mind is my own way of thought

And my own way of saying true things to myself

Instead of being fooled by the lies I am forced to hear

In my own world

I have no fear

I have no hatred

I have no care for those who hurt me the most

Peace,Love, and Eternal Light

The true being

Hidden behind my eyes

Protected by my mind

© Copyright 2017 Reneecrossovertome. All rights reserved.

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