Break the broken heart

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There is nothing to really say. You have to read to understand.

Submitted: October 30, 2009

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Submitted: October 30, 2009



Have you seen my soul

Have you heard the screams inside of me trying to get out

Have you felt the brokeness of my heart

Have you heard the words that never came out

A part of me died

Like a lost soul that was never found

An angel that became a demon

Covered with the scars that consumed me

Break the broken heart

So it will never be mended again

And the tears fall insessantly

Like a dark waterfall

You picked up the broken heart

But you broke it again

Tried to mend the pieces

But they wouldn't fit

Break the broken heart

So you don't have to feel the pain

Or see the lost soul

That has taken me

I lay on the ground

Broken and my heart in pieces

My pain bleeds out on the inside

But careful to hide below the surface

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