Closing The Door That You Opened

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This is a release poem that let out most of my bothersome thoughts. It is twards a person that I have felt threatened by this year and it expresses how i am finished and through with the fear.

Submitted: May 24, 2010

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Submitted: May 24, 2010



It's going to kill me

It's going to tear me apart

It's going to leave everything in ruins

Smashing what's left of my heart

You let me fall

As Ireached for your hands

I fell to my final death

As I took my final stand

Now I am fallen

Incapable of fear and sorrow

I worry about today

And have constant nightmares

About tomorrow

Everyday I wake up and open up my eyes

I start wondering about all the possible pathetic mistakes

And all of the needless lies that I am told

I walk through the doors of my biggest burden

Sometimesfighting back my tears

Well I have no room for judgement

I have no time for tears

Because i try to just get through another day

Without resurfacing my constant unrelenting fears

Because I am the only one to pick myself up

When I fight the urge to fall

I refuse to give up fighting

Even when I am cornered

Pushed up against a mental wall

I protect myself

I protect my own

I am the one that changes my future

Later on down the road

Nothing will cause or force me to lose my direction

Because I am the only one that knows

The path that is right for me

In the end I decide

Who I truly want to be

Every time you push me to the edge

Trying to make me fall

It only increases the motivation

To get back up again

I learn from my suffering and pain

It is my biggest mentor and friend

Teaching me the lessons

That in turn helps my heart to strengthen and mend

Do you see these scars

And how they disappear

It makes me forget

How you used to be my constant fear

Well I am no longer scared of you

At least not as much as I was before

Now I fight back

And even the score

I even start to do things

That are impossible for you to ignore

By showing you the door

that allowed you entrance into my life

It is time for you to leave now

And forever be gone

Just walk away without a word

And be sincerely assured

That I am through

Being hurt by you

And all the things you do

These are the words

That one day

I can finally say to you

© Copyright 2017 Reneecrossovertome. All rights reserved.

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