Dear Murderer

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It is about a victim that actually whitnessed the murder of her friend and of her boyfriend that was soon to be her fiancee.

Submitted: May 14, 2010

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Submitted: May 14, 2010



Dear Murderer,

you took one innocent life after another. One of them was my best friend and the other was my lover. So, you've grasped and stolen my attention. And now I am entitled to see you in your final hours. I will watch in justified relief and pleasure because I will see you suffer. Every watt of electricity flowing like the poison of a snake in your veins. I will finally witness you being the victim, crying for mercy as you are helpless of what will occur and of your defeated pleading that is given nothing but cold invalidation.

I hope god doesn't will your unmerciful soul. I hope you are damned to the eternity of hell, as your putrid spite of light and good is shown in your eyes as your acidic tongue rolls at each word of every lie. You lawless cretin! You bastard child of Satan's unholy reign! Only a succubus can will your heart of warmth and love. Feeding off the sorrow and pain of those you have tortured and slein!

Here is one little secret you didn't know, I know every little detail of your bloodlusted killing. I am to remain a mere phantom in your nightmares and sick dreams of which you prove yourself unhuman. You are nothing but a MONSTER!

Were you wondering who the last alive victim was? The only alive victim? The victim that was forced to witness the death of her loved ones and hold her breath so she couldn't scream out or cry? That victim Only thing is, you have no clue and are unable to fathom as to who "me" is. But, you'll know who "me" is on your judgement day,and I will give you one hint. I will be the only one who can bare to look into your eyes as your mind flashes memories of every mistake you ever made INYOURLIFE!! And so, the last thing that you'll see

I question your motives,though is it very clear that not once ounce of warmth was in your blood at the time. Are you powerless without the mortal pain of others? Were you a child without warmth and love? Or did you kill the ones you loved? Dead because you couldn't handle the pressure. Dead because you could not love anyone.

You pled guilty as mentally insane,but I know you were well aware of what you were doing. And not killing someone would be what would truly cause you to be ill and insane. You killed to feel better, and now I torment you and do the same. How does it feel to be paranoid? How does it feel to truly suffer?

Every square inch of your padded cell,on the tenth floor of an asylum. Your arms and hands with which you murdered and strangled are bound across your chest and tied behind your back. All of it occurs while images of each murder reals through your mind as if you were sitting free and unbound in a theatre. Twisting and sickening the confines of your thoughts even more than ever before. You try helplessly to break out of your confinement just like your victims tried desperately to plead with you and break their way from your grasp. The murders are no longer sweet dreams of yours, but the nightmares that become darker and closer bringing you to the edge while questioning your sanity.

The doctors, they hold you down, stabbing another type of poison into your veins. A poison in which does not make you die, but slowly suffer as you feel nothing and your mind becomes blank and even more dark inside. The numbness makes you sensitive to the dim light in your cell, and you close your eyes in simple pain. But, it is pain nonetheless. It leaves you writhing inside.

I wonder. What is it like to be the cause of your own fate and imprisonment? Where everyday you feel yourself drowning further and further and falling deeper and deeper.


Your Worst And Final Nighmare

PS- I will expect a letter in correspondence.

P.O Box 62359 West Autumn Ct.

Ft. Maine, OH


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