If I Took You Apart And Rearranged The Pieces

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Dedicated to a guy....

Submitted: April 09, 2010

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Submitted: April 09, 2010



You always run from who you are

So you run away from me

You are afraid to hold someone close to you

So you push me away

The pain you feel

You inflict it on someone else

You try to drag them into

Your private little hell

Behind those eyes as cold as ice

I see the burden that you are harboring

So if I took away your strength

And ripped your temper to shreds

Maybe you wouldn't be so strong

If I took away your hatred

and erased away your past

Maybe then you'd be unmasked

You hide who you truly are

But you uncage the monster

That consumes your inner self

Leaving an empty soul

If I could kill the monster

And send it to its grave

You probably would have nothing left

If I tore away every lie and secret

If I took you apart and rearranged the pieces

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