Not My True Name

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This is just a poem that goes out to all the people and guys that didn't bother to learn my true name.

Submitted: March 26, 2010

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Submitted: March 26, 2010



My name isn't babygirl

My name isn't freak

And no, it doesn't depend

On my mood or the day of the week

My name is Meagan

I told you that when we met

Stop calling me those other names

Because i'm not your pet

If you want my attention

Try just simply saying hi

If you call me other names

Then I will only know you as

Just that other guy

Rude whistles and comments

I wont hear them

Snide remarks and judgemental people

I just wont waste my time on them

I am who I am

I refuse to change

So why can't you just grow up

And learn to remember my real name

My name is....

Your name is...

I am..

The person I choose to be

So learn my name

And move on

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