Questioning Forgiveness

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This is a sort of release poem. It is mostly about puting enough trust in others in order to forgive them. And how they sometimes take it for granted.

Submitted: May 12, 2010

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Submitted: May 12, 2010



I know I won't fight you

But can I forgive you for

The pain you caused me

And the hell you put me through

Can I show you forgiveness

Will you give me the chance

To let you understand and see

The real me

Who I am on the outside

Isn't who I am within

If you ever hurt me again

I'll only warn you once my friend

So now you fool me again

Now I take back everything I said

The forgiveness is replaced by hate

I try my best to just stay sane

With everything you are to blame

Again you scorn me

Forcing me to emerse myself

In this unforgiving pain

Questioning forgiveness

Trying to make sense somewhere in my mind

Should I forgive you

For the lies and deceit you have given me

Or should I forgive myself

For believing you again

Questioning forgiveness

Is it worth the pain that I feel

It makes me start to wonder

Who you truly are

It makes me discover deeper and deeper

Trying to find myself

Under years of wreckage

As I look into your eyes

I am questioning forgiveness

But can I forgive you

For every mistake that you make

Against me

I am starting to fall deeper

Into myself

Listening closely to my heart

The heartbeat beats faster

And faster

Questioning forgiveness

Could I ever forgive you

For bringing me so low

For questioning me

While you tare me down

While I try to block you out

Of my mind

Of my sight

And out of my life

Questioning forgiveness

Now I know

That the next time I forgive you

You'll truly go too far

So there won't be a next time

Don't even try

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