Restless Regret

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It is both self-explainitory and a short poem story....

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010



I was a fool for believing you

And giving you the benefit of the doubt

But once we were over

Your true colors came out

I thought that you loved me

But in the end it was a lie

I spent days in paranoia

And wasted tears I would cry

It turned out to be ill-fated lust

And a most dangerous attraction

The worst part of it all

Was that I allowed you to become my distraction

I was blinded by the things you would say

Which were unfortunately untrue

Which also included

Everything else about you

You were the monster of my nightmares

You were the things in the night that creep

So I layed in my bed

Unable to sleep

I trusted you with my secrets

Which I now fear may come out

I know  you will hurt me

Without a doubt

So now you hold the satisfaction

Of being able to break me down

But threaten me

And you'll no longer be around

My trust in you is broken

And my love for you is shattered

My heart

Is ripped apart and tattered

I think back to the times

When the others tried to warn me

Their words I ignored

Like they were fallen to deaf ears

I pay for my mistakes in painful regret

Now I remain waiting

And waiting

To see if you're going to ruin me yet

I am sick of waiting

I am tired of my fears

Now I am hoping you'll be gone

In the next two years

My sincerest regret

Was falling too fast for you

My biggest mistake

Was loving you

And now I wrote this poem

After I couldn't go to bed

Because thoughts of you

Wouldn't get out of my head

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