Taking Myself Away From Bad Intentions

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This goes out to all of the guys and men that have tried to bring me down....

Submitted: April 23, 2010

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Submitted: April 23, 2010



I try to forgive you once again

I try to see past all of your pathetic lies

But it is taking a toll on me

Scorning me again

I learned another unpleasant lesson

People aren't who they seem to be

But how could you lie to me

My faith in you soared then selfdestructed

My trust in you is gone

Don't ever try to break me down

Because you'll be the one that falls this time

Everything repeats itself

Over and over again

You never decieved me

Not even for a moment

I figured you out when you opened the door

And stepped one foot inside

I saw past your eyes

Gleaming like daggers of ice

I knew you'd try tear every part of me away on the outside

Just to figure me out

But each day I grew stronger

Making it impossible for you to hurt me

Or break me down

And when you are gone

I'll break free from my cage of glass

Smashing it to bits and pieces

Because I am done

With all this hatred and misery

I am a prisoner of my own freedom

Now I am ready to take it back

And hold it close

I am tired of this neverending chase

I am sick of all the games you tried to play

You think I didn't see your intentions

But unfortunately I did

I refuse to let you run me out of my own life

You aren't my superior

You don't control my fears

I won't waste my feelings

For a man so heartless and cold

Tears won't stream from my face

My anger won't break out

You can't take me away

And the day that you finally leave

Will be the first day that I breathe

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