The Final Day

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This is dedicated to a senior man.I judged him so long, that I never was given a chance to know him. I kind of loved him. So, this is a final poem to say goodbye,in my own personal way. I wish he could have the same chance as you do to read this poem.But, I am afraid that he would be alot worse than just judgemental....

Submitted: May 28, 2010

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Submitted: May 28, 2010



There's one more day until you're gone

One more day until I can breathe

One more day that the real me has to drown below the surface

One more day I have to watch my back

So you don't become the death of me

Here's a secret that you'll never know

But I know you never liked me back

And I decided a long time ago

To choose a better and safer track

I loved you for who you were

I loved you for who you are now

I knew If I told you

That you might smash my heart into a million pieces

So I didn't allow myself to become attatched

Because sooner or later

I would have allowed myself to release my feelings

And I NEVER would have looked back

So I locked myself

Up in my fears

The very thing that held back my tears

I am sad that you are leaving

I know you never will come back

But it is going to be difficult

To forget your face

It is burned into my memory

A man like you

Is very difficult to find

So I refuse to make my true feelings known

I refuse to cross that line

So I say my silent goodbyes

As you slowly drift away

I wish I had the guts to tell you this

But it's too late

You are leaving now

This is your final day

It will be the end

When those doors open

And you walk out

The final moment

When you walk away....

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