The Pain Of Loving

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Submitted: August 30, 2010

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Submitted: August 30, 2010



You thought she was the one,

So you gave her all your love,

And you tried tohold onto her tight,

But she was the one that let go,

Leaving you all alone and,

She destroyed your faith and trust,

Leaving behind the pieces,

That she had taken from you,

She broke your heart,

Leaving you to handle the wreckage,

And pick up the pieces of your life,

You were lonely and in distress,

Crying tears of pain and regret,

But your heart isn't completely broken yet,

Because you found someone that is trying to love you,

And with all of her heart,

She gives you a chance,

And it all started,

With a distant glance,

Her smile is your fondest memory,

Held so dearly in your mind,

You were never alone,

You weren't the only one that cried,

Because she suffered,

From the pain of loving,

She fell once before,

Feeling too broken to mend,

So she was lost,

In the tears she would cry,

As the light inside of her would die,

Fading so slowly,

Consuming her into the darkness of life,

But she is still hoping and waiting,

To be mended and whole again,

So she longs for the love of her dearest friend,

He isn't the one to fall so fast,

So he savors each moment,

Making it last,

And forcing his restraint,

Leavingpieces of his past so faint,

As he suffers,

The pain of loving,

He has found her,

He has uncovered what was once gone,

And discovers what has been there all along,

All the while,

She puts her faith in him,

She puts her heart back together again,

And she now knows,

That what she was waiting for,

Was there all along,

If she had just opened her eyes,

She would have found,

That he was waiting all along,

She was never alone,

In the pain that she was suffering,

Because he was always there,

They were both suffering from,

The Pain of Loving...

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