Thy Night Shall Remind Thee

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I wrote this a long time ago...

Submitted: July 07, 2010

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Submitted: July 07, 2010



when thoust shall wake,
only i,
thy lover of beauty and swoon,
shall cast thy love,
not thy lust,
apon you,

for the moon is casting,
its glowing aura so gentle and sweet,
as is your kiss,
and your everlasting temptation,
against my heart so,

your hungering,
for my love and touch,
so strong and so hopeful,
so constant,
though not overbaring,

the night,
it cries for thee,
as do i,
for thee and thine presence,

i shall climb every tallest mountain,
and dwindle,
through every strained,
and merciless desert,

thou i only a woman,
and thee such a man,
i would bleed myself,
if only for thy single drop of blood,
you'd taste me,

thy rose,
you bestowed apon me,
once apon a yester time,
has grown wild,
with carnivorous thorns,
and blackened,
at the dawn of every sunset,

i feel thy wisper,
cantering slightly,
through thy evernecent breeze,
calling to me,
reminding me of your love,

i see a figure,
through the singed and murdered willows,
it is thy lover,
coming to me,

thy night has come again,
only to remind me,
that thy lover,
thou who lovest me true,
is with me


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