Trying To Break Me Down Again

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This is dedicated to this guy that i have noticed for a long time. This expresses a few things that he never realizes about the true me...

Submitted: April 14, 2010

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Submitted: April 14, 2010



Now here you go again

Trying to tear me apart

Taring me away

To get to the center

I refuse to let you see everything thats me

Hidden under the wreckage

Well if I lay out all my fears

You'll only bring me to tears

If I let you see the demon my anger has become

You'll bring out the monster in me

I will hide myself away

But I refuse to run from you

Because no matter where I go

Our paths will surely cross

Now I regret that path I chose to take

And all the mistakes that I make

Because it all leads to you

I have been fighting a long time

I have been fighting all my life

Ever since I can remember

People like you mocked those who are different

And I am done with this pain

In darkness I roam

It is the only place that I call home

It protects me from danger

And holds me when I am scared

My past is who I am

It won't let go of me

It won't disapear

Through your eyes I see

All of my suffering

I can see the truth

You are simular to me

And I am alot like you

So look at me in the eye

Try to lie to me again

Try to break me down my friend

Silence hides between the lines

Becoming the burden

Now here you are again

Trying to tear me to pieces

Trying to find who I truly am

Hidden under lock and key

Is the true me

You can't ever break me down

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