We Are To Blame For Our Fate

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This is a dark song that is more to the style of death metal..

Submitted: April 20, 2010

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Submitted: April 20, 2010



Love and War, The power of hate

The numbing of scars, Strong enough to sedate

Death and living, The differences are the same

The world is plagued, We are the ones to blame

Our self-destruction becomes our own fate

We never realize, Until it's too late

The light to heaven, The gate of hell

The angels become demons, Falling from the skies

The tears we cry, The pain we suffer

The carnage we pay, Mercy no longer exists

In purgatory we all raise hell, No wonder all the angels fell

Kill the light, Darkness reigns

Hiding ourselves, from these mortal pains

Insanity rises, We all fall

One day we'll just loose it all

The apocalypse, Becomes our destiny

And when it occurs, We will break free

These chains that bind us, Will rust and fall

And when that happens, Everyone's going to battle in a bloody brawl

Consumed by the evil, We are forced to obey

It is time to fight, We are going to end this game

The Apocalyptic light , it begins to soar

The apocalyptic darkness, Always exists as death opens the door

Living is death, But death defys

Please hear our mortal cries

Looking into the darkened skies

The cuts become deeper, bleeding crimson blood

Love ceases to exist

War is so common

Making us who we are today

We are to blame for our fate

We are to blame for our fate

We are to blame for our fate

We are to blame

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