When Love Becomes Fear

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Submitted: June 02, 2010

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Submitted: June 02, 2010



I tried to believe that you became a better person

I tried to believe that you changed

But when love becomes fear

All the belief and trust goes away

Fear makes me scared of you

The love makes it all go away

But I am still wondering and waiting

For that one and only day

When all your love for me is gone

And the fear comes to stay

I never wanted to hurt you

But the suffering and tears

And the anxiety that eats away everything that I am

Makes me want to scream

And run far away

Far away from you

The one that determines whether I can feel safe

Or live in fear another day

I tossed and turned

In my bed I lay


Awake with terror and nightmare

Trying to reason with myself

Begging myself to stay

Begging myself not to leave

But when you are around me

I am afraid

I can't breathe

I mask myself with calm

But the mask comes off at the end of the day

And the nightmare reminds me

That it is here and will forever stay

I exposed myself to you

And now I suffer in pain

I cry for help in vein

But your words of reassurance

Are like poison

and your arms are a curse

Feeding off of my fears

A dark and remorseful hearse

I listened to my heart

Instead of trusting my gut instinct and brain

Now all my incessant and fearful tears

Drop instantly

Like rain

When love becomes fear

There is one thing never in doubt

I want to break from your embrace

Let me go

I want out

But I fear I might need to scream

If your temper lashes out on me

And your hand comes in contact

With my face

When love becomes fear

I fear I will have to fight you

And put you in your place

© Copyright 2017 Reneecrossovertome. All rights reserved.

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