Ashamed and Un-named

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The heart wrenching story of a battle of person.

Submitted: December 09, 2009

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Submitted: December 09, 2009



I walk around with a heavy dark cloud above my head, no one sees or hears me I might as well be dead.

I cover my face so no one can see my disfigured truth, no on can see it not even you.

I hide in the dark part of the world where strangers come to reconcile with their misty pasts, but I come here to cover the shadows of my paths.

No one can track me down, Im untraceable in this dirty dark town.

This pit of hatred and disgust inside me vomits out of my mouth in the form of ashamed and embarassment, Living in this world I feel reluctant.

I remember those livid angry faces laughing in my face telling me how I became such a disgrace.

I tighten my fists in fury as I try to fight the memory.

I shake it off then I smile no one in this town knows me.

I have no name to call myself, that stranger is what the people yell.

I look in the mirror seen the dark relection glaring at me, the keyword is dark thats why they mocked me.

I was abused because of the colour I was born in I mightaswell die with the abuse of the colour that I lived in.

I am ashamed and Un-named all because I was cast into a hated race.

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