Those Liquid eyes

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In memory of Jim Morrison

Submitted: December 14, 2009

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Submitted: December 14, 2009



Shaped and carved from pure pearls and fused with emerald I gaze at your liquid eyes

The sea of green sway constantly as i inject my desires into them, but those eyes I despise

They love me, then the love turns to cold stone hate.

Did I choose this path for us because I overlooked my mistake.

My love and morphed reflection swirl in the mist of your liquid eyes, nothing is ever the same you say.

I think back to those days where we used to walk to the waters and just lay

But looking in your liquid eyes the memory turned into a faded dream

It's not real to you, you don't remember, I want to redeem.

It wasn't long ago when I stared into those emeralds

only yesterday I had stopped by your side wishing to merge our dead and alive worlds

I dream of your body covered with the water's of your death, it sinks its venom into my withered flesh

Those liquid eyes are too deep, far gone, too morphed for my love to gain back its love fetish

you were the drug for me, but I was the drug that killed you while you were keeping me alive

To know that you weren't staring at your hallucinations

I am glad that you did not survive

You lead the life, the life you did not wish to have any more

So for your death I am thanking you for.

So this is goodbye but thankyou

for helping me realize that you can also die knowing that love was the cause.

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