Freedom Fighters

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this is a small story on a battle between the United Confederacy and the Rebellion Fighters.

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013



The brown field rested in between two hills, picked bare due to the harvest season. Wind whispered across the torched ground, whistling and singing eerily as the first morning’s light illuminated the soon to be battlefield. Each side had their own reasoning for being there. The United Confederacy soldiers were positioned behind the makeshift battlements, ready to stand between the Rebellion Fighters and their government. The government that had told them of the Fighter’s cannibalistic rituals and satanic sacrifices.

“Our way of life is at stake! The United Confederacy is at stake. Our homes depend on us to defend them from these demons from hell!” Adjusting his dark leather gloves, the Confederacy’s decorated commander gazed down at those who were gathered before them. Blue orbs flicking from each young dirtied face to the next, he continued on. “Some of you have not yet encountered a Rebellion force. I cannot guarantee your safety. I cannot promise you your lives.” Silence fell upon the murmuring group of soldiers, many of them now gripping their batons uneasily and darting their eyes away from the commander’s stare. “I can, however, guarantee that your contributions will not be overlooked. After this stand, we will find the location of their base. We will END THIS.”

His words were drowned out by the roar of approval that sprung up from the soldiers. Fists pounding the air, they chanted over and over again. “For the Confederacy! For the Confederacy!” Knowing now that they were now accepting of their fate and ready to fight, the commander raised his hand for silence.

“It is time.”

“At your lead, Commander Morin!” shouted one of the soldiers, raising his electric baton in the air. A smile tugged at the corner of the commander’s mouth as he walked forward and the crowd parted before him. Soldiers fell into line behind him as he proceeded towards the top of the hill which looked down upon the field.

Stopping only when he reached the top of the hill, he raised a fist to signal his men to stop. Gazing across the field, his blue gaze targeted in on the figure standing on the hill opposite them. “Do not urn on the electricity current unless it is necessary. The orders from the Council were specific. We will try to capture as many prisoners as we can manage. Especially their little cult leader.” Casting a reassuring glance over his shoulder at his men, Commander Morin’s fingers curled around a circular object on his belt. Holding it in front of him, he plucked the ring from the grenade and tossed it. Several more followed after, thrown by the soldiers.

The world held its breath, sucking in and creating a thick silence before erupting into chaos. Smoke and explosions now rang out across the field as the Rebel forces and the Confederacy soldiers clashed. The smoke was thick but it was easy to distinguish friend from foe. The soldiers were equipped in the sleek black uniforms of the Confederacy while the Rebels wore torn civilian garb.

Good thing they had been able to stop the Rebel advances on the arsenal in Haemon, mused the commander to himself as he surveyed the battle, otherwise rebutting the attack would be difficult.

Something caught the commander’s eye that made him grimace. The Rebel leader was striding forward, her determined gaze locked on him, her tangled red hair flowing behind her. Every time one of his men made a move to attack her, one of the Rebel Fighters would ram into them and knock them out of her way. Cultists. All too eager to fling themselves into death’s arm for a simple girl. She was maybe eighteen years of age, nothing but a mere child.

And they were winning.

As she strode across the battlefield towards her target, him, more and more of her Fighters were being slammed into unconsciousness or pinned against the ground. Finally one of his men managed to land a hit on the female that sent her to her knees. Walking forward as two soldiers held her back as she attempted to run at him, the commander’s fingers curled around the baton that had been attached at his side.

His sapphire eyes searched the female’s face for a moment, hesitating. She was a strange looking sort, her skin was a tad off color and her molten eyes swirled with emotion. Casting his gaze around at the stunned Rebels that were all being shoved violently to the ground, the commander pulled out his baton. Rolling his shoulders, Commander Morin threw back his arm, about to land the final blow on her head that would knock her into the darkness of her mind.

Several things happened at once. There was a ripping sound as the female wrenched free of the soldiers, who were left with just the sleeves of the long torn sweater she wore. The beast lunged forward and the commander stumbled back as he felt her arms wrap around him.

She wasn’t attacking him. Not sliding a knife in between his ribs. The Rebellion Fighter had her arms around the commander, fearlessly embracing him. Looking down in surprise, the commander stared into those strange molten eyes that seemed to envelope him in explanation. They weren’t monsters. They were teenagers. Fighting for the freedom that had been oppressed by the government of the Confederacy. The baton fell from his relaxed grip, spinning in the air before landing on the soft earth, rolling to a stop at the tip of his boot as the female finally spoke.

“If there’s a future, we want it now.”


{this short story was inspired by the song/video Now by Paramore}


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