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I thought it would be helpful for young and new writers to get some advice on creative writing, and also for me to read sometimes and remember those tips when I'm starting a new novel or book.

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Submitted: February 04, 2010

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Submitted: February 04, 2010



Recently I started publishing my first novel this website, but I had already done writing it last year, and a few days ago when I found this website, I told myself “why not publish something here?” and so I did…
Now I don’t want to bore you with all that talk, let’s talk about the basic of novel writing:

First: it’s long!
You have to put in mind when you want to write a novel that it’s not going to be less than 100 pages, there is no certain number of pages for the novel, it can be short, it can be long, but it’s certainly not too short, so keep in mind that you’ll have to include much more details in the novel, whether on the characters, places, weather, everything, you also have to include some daily habits that your readers could relate to.

Second: the story

When I plan to write a novel, well, some writers simply start typing on their keyboards, those have continuous fluent inspiration and too much ideas, however that’s a more professional way of writing, and if you’re a new young writer it would preferable that you follow some simple steps, when you plan to start writing a novel ask yourself “what is this story about?” what is the main idea?, is it a time, place, a person or a whole community? What are you trying to say exactly?, also the most important part of the story is, how will it end?...
The most annoying part that I have always faced while writing stories was the ending, in my early years of writing I always failed to compose a good ending, and so now when I start writing a new novel I decide from the start how will it end, and what would the last chapter be like, and I try to keep that in mind while writing because I want all the events that I’m including in the story to melt together in the end and give me nice well composed ending that would keep my reader thinking about this novel for days.

Third: the characters

We all know that a story can’t be a story without the characters, I read in many articles that you should sit and decide about all the characters before you start a new novel, well I don’t really follow that advice particularly but I always decide my main character and based on that I start to draw connections between this person and others that would affect and be affected by this character, here you have to pay attention to the logical part of your character, if it’s a young teenager it would be expected that he/she goes to high school, lives with parents, if it’s a young adult it would be expected that he/she goes to college, or works or lives alone maybe, so don’t go way too far with imagination, keep the character close to the common logic even if your character was from the outer space still the reader must be able to relate to that person so that he could enjoy reading, when I create a new character I usually try to picture it, maybe make a simple sketch, think about this person’s features and talents maybe, his/her personality, and while writing I try to put myself in the character’s situation “how would I react to this”, and one more thing, make your character vivid and full of life, not always still and robot like.

Forth: write smartly

Don’t tell your story in one solid way, whether you’re using the dialog or monolog writing style try to show the story in different points of view, in the eyes of several characters and watchers, and follow the rule of “chain reaction” so that your reader can find it easy to catch up with the story, especially if you’re a new writer let your reader ask question and wonder for a while, but make sure you don’t confuse them too much, because less is more, and once the reader gets too confused they might get annoyed and bored because they don’t know what’s happening anymore and that would make them lose their interest in your story.
Another important thing about the events of your new novel is to give smart clues, let the reader figure something hidden by himself, but don’t make it too obvious or easily exposed that they could tell how the story would end from the first few lines, keep the ending for yourself to tell them about it, but still surprise the reader, when he reaches a point in the story when some bizarre secret reveals itself they would think like “oh so that’s what why she went to the lab at the beginning” always give the reader something to relate to.
Never end an event at the end of a chapter, that would be fatal and burn your story and the reader might not continue reading after that, always end the chapter with something surprising, unexpected and a little bit confusing, when you want to end the chapter in your hands simply cut the story mid scene so that your reader would be so eager to know what happened, let’s say like, a sudden accident, an urgent phone call from an unrevealed character, a crash or an explosion, something that would make the reader’s heart jump… however don’t use things way too surprising too often, try to make a balance between the scenes, but also keep it in an exciting way.
Also try not to give too much expected scenes and try not to repeat the major scenes so that your reader would get bored, always add some kind of new spice to the scene.

Fifth: the inspiration station

Which is my very favorite part, and the most important part over all is to keep yourself inspired, even if you’re not going to write to write now or today, still keep an inspiration alive in your mind, listen to music, I find that art and music always keep me inspired, but even before that, use your mind well, when I look at a nice portrait that drew my attention I wonder why, and I try to view it from all angles and study it totally, the colors, the shades, the idea of the portrait, all that will be saved in my mind and while writing even without knowing I might be picking up things from that exact portrait and mixing them with what I’m writing, I also try to imagine my novel, the character, the scenes and then describe them while writing, another thing I find inspiring is music, when you get some new hardcore album, and you love this one specific song that you play it day and night for weeks?, well try listening to that song again and again and this time focus on the patterns in it, the vocals, the words, the drums and guitar playing, try to separate the song in your mind, okay let’s think about something else, what if you could create a sketch or even a video clip for this song, how would it look like? What colors would it most include?... that’s my inspiration station lol

Last but not least, slow down… take your time, and stop when needed,

That’s the best advice I can give to young writers, in my early ages of writing I used to get so excited sometimes about a new story that I spend all night writing and sometimes I exhausted myself because I was so eager to finish this thing and be like proud of what I have created, well, you need to be gentile with yourself, though the novel I started publishing on this site is already done, still I have to read the chapters again and make some changes, add some details, and not rush it all because “practice makes perfect” and the more you read what you have written the more perfectly done it would be, and when you feel tired simply stop writing, you have all the time in the world, besides, if you push yourself to write while you’re exhausted then you might get results that don’t really reach your expectations and that could make you feel a little down especially if its your first novel, so take your time and give yourself a rest sometimes, go out, take a walk in the fresh air, let your eyes refocus after hours of sitting in front of the computer’s screen, and pay attention to the way you’re sitting and the lighting you have, because you’ll be writing for at least an hour everyday for weeks maybe to finish this novel, and you don’t want to hurt your eyes or body especially if you’re going to be doing this for years… who knows?
Those were my tips for new and young writer’s who want to start new novel, best wishes,
Give me comments about your new novel on my profile page, I always enjoy reading works done by young writers and it would be my pleasure to give you feedback.
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