First love don't end with 'I do '

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Love is hard.

lost love

(ps: this i s a perfect song to listen to, when you are reading this story

the song is called beggar's prayer by emiliana torrini)

I tried to hate you but my love for you was too great.

Every day that passed was an extra tear in the sea that never again would be found.

you were and remain my first love. My heart is broken in so many places that nothing can heal it.

Why did you not see what you were doing to me. losing you was the hardest thing that ever happent, every day I miss you more and more.

Why is there a world where you and I are not together. Will there be no first love answered with a yes at the end. How is it that everyone says we are made for each other but we don't see it ourselfs

We had everything, but how can it be that we eventually lost everything?

Don't you see what you do to me. Our love plays like a story before my eyes. A story that always tells me what I had. And remembers me what we shared.

Again and again I feel the pain when I see you with a girl that doesn't deserve you. But you don't see it.

You just fly from one to another.did you really lose your haert Or is it just as broken as mine?

Days pass but it looks more like centuries. Friends try to talk with me. but that ends in the end. I don't get any further. There is a wall befor me that I can't go aroud or over.

Because whenever I'm almost there, I see you ... Do I really have to let you go, to get further? time fades away, And still my heart tries to mende the tears in my heart ... Than for the fisrt time in ages I see you looking at me.

Unsure you wake to me. You will never know what's going through me. could it be possible that you could hear my heart beating like the wings of a hummingbird. Two more steps and you're finally close enough for me to feel you breath on my skin.

Such a wonderful feeling is indescribable, it feels like a thousand perfect sunset, a cloud of silk that touches your cheek just before you fall into a deep sleep. Your first kiss as a married couple.

gently you take my hand in yours.

Sunddenly everything turns black ...

I see so much and nothing!

The stars and the night watch over me in a sweet rest.

Towards an unknown place in my mind


... Hopefully people will never forget me. For who I was and where I lost my life.

Life ends too quickly,

people do not know what they have before they lose it


Submitted: April 14, 2010

© Copyright 2022 renesmee lover. All rights reserved.

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