you lose what is most precious

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Is it wrong to love sommebody that isn't yours to love

Alice is a girl that lost a lot of things,
nobody wants to lose
one of those things are hur ex-boyfriend. but what will happen if she gets in a coma and strange things start happening with hur? read more and you will know...

Submitted: March 01, 2010

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Submitted: March 01, 2010



1. everything changed

There are a lot of things in my life, i will never forget!

first I have to go to the most boring party,I have ever been too. To discover that there are alot of old pervers men, On the world than you would expect.

finally, I got the change to convince my mother to leave this terrible place. She went to my father. He said goodbye and we left this place. I always like driving with a car

even if it wasn't me driving the smooting sound of the engine always helpt fall in sleep when I had a hard day.

And this was really a hard day.

Was... NO I can't think of him. It hurts to much. But I just wish Matthew was hier I mis him so much.


A bright light..

Everything changes,

first there is a lot of white and than black.

Nothing is the same.

My last thoughts are... "Stay with me"

I know it isn"t much but I am trying, to find my way. 

Also this is an other language I'm writing in so if I make mistakes

pleas tell me.

love Renesmee lover

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