Hope Forever

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This is just a short Fanfic Story about Peter and Charlotte From the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn. I do not own the characters. It is how Peter and Charlotte slowly fell in love and escaped the newborn army.

Submitted: June 28, 2011

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Submitted: June 28, 2011



Hope Forever


Peter’s POV: Maria’s army was working great. Her two best workers, Jasper and I, were doing our duties wonderfully. I started to feel guilty though. I killed so many innocent people for no good reason but that they were too old and weak.  I had no idea what we would do without the army and truthfully I never really thought about it. I just did what Maria wanted. The only joy I’ve ever felt was Jasper. He was my only friend. He was a true friend and I truly trusted him with my life. Then there was a day where more joy came into my life.

It was a stormy day and the training was going well. The new ones were very good fighters. But then, out of the blue, Maria brought in another girl. Like always, I ignored who it was and shoved her in line with the other newborns.

That’s when I really saw her.

She had beautiful pale blonde hair caressing her petite face. She was very small and slender. Usually Maria brought in big people with lots of muscles; this one must’ve been just a decoy to make her army look bigger. We call them numbers. I stared at her. She glanced over her shoulder and grinned back at me. She was different. Nicer. Or so she looked.

I remembered my rule. Don’t trust anyone except Jasper and Maria, everyone else is out to kill you, Jasper and his mate know best.

I walked away, back to Jasper’s side. He stood, his arms crossed over his scarred chest, watching his new soldiers fight each other to the death. The winner doesn’t have to endure the pain of getting his head ripped off and thrown into the fire by Jasper… Or me.

Soon the girl was shoved forward. She was up against a tall muscular male. She would definitely not win.

Then I felt something, in my stomach, which was telling me that I had to do something. I have never felt like that before. Jasper who can sense emotions looked at me.

“Don’t feel guilty; it’s just another newborn, nothin’ important ‘bout her,” he said in his thick Southern accent. I looked back at the small girl and she crouched. She looked nervous. Jasper chortled. “Dumb girl, doesn’t know what real fightin’ is.”

“She’s not supposed to be fighting. She is supposed to be a number for Maria’s army!” I said, lying. I didn’t feel the words coming out of my mouth, or even hear them. Jasper looked over at me then back at the two vampires.

“Stop!” he ordered, mortified. I could tell he was terrified that Maria would find out he disobeyed orders and. Well. I wasn’t sure what she actually did to him but it was enough to scare him to death. “Blondie come here, you’re not a fighter,” Jasper snapped. The girl relaxed from her crouching pose and sprinted over. She looked as scared as Jasper sounded.  His head whipped towards me, “Take her to the other, um, numbers.”

I nodded and grabbed the girl’s arm, yanking her out of that warehouse and to the other one, where the rest of the numbers were. I pulled her inside and threw her in a hay pile. Being rough with girls wasn’t hard for me. I beat girls and guys every day; even killed them.

I closed the door and locked it, though a lock would be useless with the strength all vampires possessed. It was just another Maria precaution. I leaned against the door and watched them. Hours passed before they began socializing with one other quietly. The girl didn’t talk with them though. She stared at me for about twenty minutes.

She stood up.


Charlotte’s POV

I trotted over to him and plopped down by his side. He intrigued me. He had a tight grey T on and I had to admit he was highly attractive. The planes of his chest were very defined. He had a wide jaw that often flexed when he was stressed, or so I guessed. He had beautiful crimson eyes. Everyone here had red eyes but his were the best-looking. I couldn’t help but find myself often gazing at him. He wasn’t like that other one, the blonde Southern one; this one seemed to have some kind of soul. He glared over at me. Actually, I wouldn’t call it a glare; it was more like he was trying to cover up what he was really feeling.

“You look scared,” I teased. He didn’t relax.

“You’re dangerous, just as dangerous as that big guy you almost fought today.” He had a touch of a Southern accent but it was so small that if I wasn’t sitting as close as I was I wouldn’t have been able to hear it. It was like my accent.

“Yeah I’m so dangerous, peaking at five feet.” I joked.

“What do you want?” he demanded, but there was a touch of amusement in his voice, which pleased me.

“Why do you need to know?”

“Don’t question my authority.”

“I wasn’t questioning your authority; I was questioning your question.”

“Go away.” He rolled his eyes away from me. I shrugged and got up. I went back and sat down in the hay.

I clutched a handful of hay, bored out of my mind. I guess it was better than fighting.

I saw all the other “numbers” (whatever that means) socializing. They all talked quietly to one another.

Then the puzzle pieces fit all together in my head. Numbers were decoys because we were all smaller and weren’t training to fight. We were all just here to look our army look bigger but the people that have a chance of living through whatever we were going to do was the big were being trained by the blonde man.

How dare they make me go through that terrible burn of becoming a vampire? All that pain and suffering for two days just two make this “army” look bigger. To make them look better than they actually were. I felt betrayed and my eyes shot to the “innocent” boy leaning against the door. I thought he had a soul.

He knew I was going to die. He knew it but didn’t do anything but take me here to let me “get to know” my fellow decoys. I growled and crouched. All eyes shot toward me, including his.

“You did this on purpose,” I snarled. “You knew it all along!” He looked confused but then caught on to what I was taking about.

“Listen, I do this every single day. Why would I bend the rules and tell you?!”

He crouched too. I would be too scared to keep going right now since he knew how to fight and kill me but my anger was overpowering me and I couldn’t stop. My fingernails dug into the dirt then finally I pounced.

He caught me and slammed me into the ground. I skidded but jumped back up on my feet, going for him again. I used a move I saw someone do in the red warehouse. I ran directly towards him then jumped and got him from the side, tackling him to the ground. I could feel his muscles jolt.

He growled and threw me back down. He was on top of me and shoved to the side of the warehouse, dust flying up beside us. He pushed me hard and my head smacked against the cement wall, cracking it. He turned towards the other people in the room.

“Go ‘bout your business!” he yelled, and they all did quickly. His hands were still clamped down on my shoulders, pinning me to the cold cement floor. “What’s your name?” he shouted.



Peter’s POV


Her voice cracked when she said her name. My hands tightened and she cried out, and my stomach got that weird feeling again. It was the worst feeling in the world, so I loosened my grip. Her tense body relaxed and my weird feeling faded, but not completely.

“You’re a good fighter,” I said, feeling bad about hurting her. Still, she was the only person that I actually cared about.

“You are too.” She was wheezing and gazing up at me.

I let her up, with me sitting in front of her. I could hear her humming a tune I used to listen to when I was human. I couldn’t name it.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Peter,” I said.

Whoa, I didn’t just do that.

Maria said that you could not tell anyone your name. Telling them your name was bonding with them.

“I like that name,” she said, looking at me.

I shrugged. I don’t know, I didn’t like the sound of it but that was just me. Maybe it was because my father was named Peter.

She apologized.

I felt a new emotion in my stomach now. I pondered it.

I was bonding with her, a deep connection …



Charlotte’s POV

I sat there staring at the newborns. Peter was silent next to me and I could tell he was thinking about something stressful because his jaw kept flexing.

I leaned back on my hands and I noticed how sore my back was from Peter’s attack.  I whimpered and sat back up.

“What?” Peter asked, hearing my pain.

“Nothing, just my back is a little sore. Like I said, you are a good fighter.”

Peter reached over and touched my back softly and I tensed, hissing. He pulled his hand away. I knew he was trying to be sweet but I was in so much pain I couldn’t handle hands touching me.

“Come on, I know what to do for it.” Peter said, standing up while helping me up. I followed him to the other side of the warehouse. He squatted, looking through a red duffel bag.

I could hear the other vampires gossiping behind me, but I didn’t care. The pain was keeping me from caring about anything. Even the fact that Peter was taking care of me like he had a connection with me…

“Here.” Peter pulled out a bottle of white cream and told me to sit down.

“How is that going to help? I’m a vampire, little human injury crea-”

“Just trust me,” he said, annoyed as he lifted my shirt up. It was awkward but if it gets rid of the pain… He rubbed it on my back. It felt cool on my skin even though my skin was the most chilling of temperatures. I sighed and he put my shirt back down gently. “There.”

“Don’t coo me, I'm not a baby,” I said, standing from the ground to sit back in the hay.

Then a loud snarl came from the doorway.

“Peter, get over here!” the leading lady shouted.

All of the numbers stared at her, scared to death, but no one looked as scared as Peter.


Peter’s POV

I strode to Maria, fear in the pit of my stomach. I left the warehouse glancing over my shoulder at Charlotte. She gave me a reassuring smile even though she looked as uneasy as I did.

The warehouse doors slammed behind me. Jasper stood proudly next to his mate.

“What did I tell you about bonding with the newborns?” Maria screamed. Anger was painted all over her face.

“I didn’t mean to-“

“Tomorrow Jasper is going to take care of it,” she said as she stormed away.

I was mortified. They couldn’t do that to Charlotte. Not my Charlotte.

Jasper walked up and patted my shoulder. “It’ll be alright,” he said.

“Please Jasper, I can’t, you can’t, I need you to please, help me, help her get out of this,” I begged.

“Sorry, Peter.”

And he left me alone.

I stood in the downpour, scared and frantic. I needed to save her. I couldn’t go on without her. I had something with her, a deep connection. Love…

I paced outside the warehouse until morning came, and I still didn't have anything. Then I didn't have any more time because Jasper came early in the morning to gather who he was going to kill. I stood in front of the doors.

“Please Jasper, please, please I need her. Come on, can’t you make some arrangement with Maria?”

He tensed up.

“I would really love to, Peter, but, orders are orders. Plus, you knew the rules,” Jasper said, shoving me aside.

I stood there and watched him grab my Charlotte and take her to the big bonfire. I followed, trembling. He pushed her to the end of the line and I felt a little relieved.

I had about five more minutes to think.

While I watched Jasper massacre the vampires I thought deeply.

Soon enough though, Charlotte was shoved forward.

I panicked.

“Run, Charlotte, run! Don’t stop until I catch up to you, run!”

Without hesitation, she turned and sprinted into the woods. Jasper looked over at me, shocked, but I couldn’t hesitate either. I ran after her.


Charlotte’s POV

I ran as fast as my legs could take me. I ran and ran and ran until I heard Peter shouting for me to stop. I slowed and turned towards him. He grabbed my hand and towed me along with him to a small cave.

“Huh?” was all I managed to get out. I was still in a daze. He pulled me down and pushed me into the cave. I crawled for a long time with him right behind me. Soon we reached the cave wall and stopped. I sat, relaxing.

Everything felt like such a dream, or everything happened like one. It was all so crazy, I saw the blonde Southerner kill so many vampires. All the vampires there looked pretty innocent too.

“W-why did you save me?” I asked after we were done panting.

“Well, it sounds weird,” Peter started, “I have a connection with you, something deep enough that if you died I wouldn’t be able to go on. I need you. I um, I love you,”

I was shocked. He loved me? Out of all the people he ever met he loved me. I stood out from the crowd. It was amazing.

“Well I feel the same, actually.” I admitted. He grinned and leaned in, pressing his lips to mine. After a few long seconds he pulled back.

“And as long as I’m with you,” he whispered, taking my hands in his, “I will have hope forever.”

The end

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