An Elegant Emotion

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this is my first piece i'm submitting, i hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



Speak more for me;

I want to hear the stars shoot across the syllables

That flick off your tongue with the ease

Of ice melting across a glacier into the icy Arctic currents

That run shallow when alongside my love for you.

May your arms never weaken their grip around me,

For they are the roots that hold me

To the surface of this dirt-splattered rock,

Hurdling through space,

Almost reaching the speed my heart races when

You press your lips to mine and whisper that you love me, too,

And that my eyes are the fresh morning sun that

Shines light on your sleep and awakens your soul,

Only to fall back asleep again and dream more of me

While you are my eternal full moon,

My orb of hope that revives my darkest corners and sends

Chills through the air that circulates in my lungs and reminds me

How grateful I am to breathe in

The same air as you.

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