Silent Medley

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A man is trapped with no way out. His only companion is the sounds that drive him to madness.

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



Authors Notes

Before reading the story please note that it is similar to a journal being constantly updated. At a point it stops being past tense, and begins to become a list of occurrences as they transpire. For rationales sake, just believe that humanity has technologically evolved to the point as to have journals recorded and saved via use of their minds, and that the protagonist’s was malfunctioning until after his allies have vanished as an extra cruel twist of the labyrinth. Enjoy the story!

Silent Medley

It’s hopeless; I am trapped. My comrades have vanished. I assume them dead, though I see no bodies. Serves them right. Their optimistic aura could strangle an infant. But that doesn’t matter now. They are gone and I…I am trapped!

The medley is hell. It’s a curse I swear it! A first it seems as nothing, but it is indeed a slow torture. As your mind changes, so does the tune; as you run the tempo enhances! There is no escape! You cannot flee from it. If you block your ears, it purges through; if you are deaf it will be the only sound you hear, and you are the only one who will hear the mental attack of this demonic church style organ. I am trapped! I’m held in the labyrinth of fear, and the maze of insanity!

As I entered the damned place, the iron door slammed behind us. That damned door. It was golden to my ex-allies, but to me all I saw rusty iron. Attempts to disregard it are futile. Death’s Medley has you trapped. Escaping the labyrinth is folly. As you see an exit, a song of hope brilliantly flares through your mind. The organ sings of freedom, and birds, yet truly wields grimace and despair. Despair, for the exit will vanish, and the labyrinth changes. Even aware of this, I know that if I don’t try, I am eternally trapped. Even now, a contemplative song of reflection bursts through my mind.

I think it knows it’s winning. I’m losing hope and sanity, and it can sense it!

A light dawns before me. I can see escape. I try to ignore it, yet it pulls me toward it with an angelic aura. I am possessed. Am I a puppet to this dread? Am I doomed to chase false hopes? I am.

I’m running toward the light, soon it will fade, I know it! Wait…something’s off. I’ve never been this close before.I can see a brilliant garden past the exit. Thriving trees are in full sight! The scent of blooming flora is overtaking my very desire! Hope…hope is restored! I am inches away from freedom! An explosion of joyous medley greets me. I step on the grass.

What? All is black! What happened to the garden? The song…what does it say? It descends in note purely in scale fashion. It feels as if…as if I am falling! I’m not free? I’m used to the falling sensation…yet I’m tired. I’ve yet to sleep throughout this entire pandemic; who knows how long I’ve been trapped here? I feel the weight of rest falling upon me, overtaking me the repetitive sound of the falling medley I can finally adapt to. I think I’ll just go to sle…

I’m awake now. It looks like I’m inside a church. Am I free? No…a song of confusion plays through my mind. I am still alone…wait no, no I’m not! There is another! Who is he? Is he another victim of the labyrinth of the silent medley? What’s this? I think he’s getting up. A song of discovery is bursting through my mind. He is not a victim…he is the conductor! Something seems off about his pure white robe. He has a short beard. I thought I didn’t see it right, but I now see that his beard isn’t typical. I appears to be a cosmic array of color, it’s as if the universe is contained in this mans facial hair. I just made eye contact, his eyes…they have an iris of rainbow! H-he’s laughing! T-there’s two voices in his laugh. One sounds like a psychotic madman! The other is the chuckle of a joyous, and fulfilled success story.

The staccato of the medley is rising. His face! That’s impossible! There is a seam down the center! Half of his face is warped, and red with anger. The other half is calm, and serene with reassurance. He raised his arms. What’s going on? I’m bound?! To my left, I see oxidized iron around my limbs. To my right, I see silver inlayed with elegant gold lines. True hell must be upon me.

I feel deaths embrace. I feel close to doom, yet still very distant. AH! My Flesh! He’s ripping my flesh! What? The pain’s gone? Where’s the wound? There is no wound?! I’m healed? Is my torture eternal suffering? Is this the new torture to replace the now meaningless aura of the song? Wait….no NO! A NEW MEDLEY HAS JOINED THE FIRST!

I can’t bare this any longer. I’m doomed, trapped, cursed, and insane. I’m laughing manically at the man as he tears me apart and repairs me. However, I’ve reached my end, I’m…I am fainting.

As I awake, still in this agony of a madman, I see every sense of emotion. I see the constant desire to repair the broken, and to break what is fixed. Everyone wants something to end, and someone always wants to restore it. Constant balence obtained through the cycle of humanity.. With struggle I reach out to me savior, and to my tormentor. my hand barely grazes the flowing silk cloth of his robe but as it does he robe flies open. In front of me lies a galaxy, and I fall right in. I see the endless stars around me, and I'm avoiding the small rocks, and the asteroids surrounding me. I see planets in the distance, and a small glowing door in front of me. Im falling closer and closer to the door ahead. As I hit it I feel absolute darkness consume me. Lost and afraid I open my eyes, and the darkness subsides. I look beyond, and in front of me lies the Iron door. I....I've escaped...I'm free.

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