Don't Ask.

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after the death of a boy and his sister it is about the girl asking things.

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012






Don't ask.

What went wrong.

Why I wear a mask.

Weren't they strong.

Why don't I cry?

Who am I?

Do you want me to lie?

I am breaking.

No matter how hard I try.


Don't ask.

I cant bring them back.

Don't cry.

A heart I lack.

I cant tell you why.

Things happen.

Everyone will die.

Please stop it.

I cant do anything.

I cant save a life.

Just sing,

Them to sleep.


Don't ask.

Why I'm going.

If I hate you.

Your so unknowing.

Its not your fault.

I know the truth.

In my mouth like salt.

I let them die.

Made them sleep.

In the blue sky.


Don't ask.

It was for you.

a simple truth.

You never knew.

Loving parents.

It wasn't true.

Devils w/ an angelic look.

Planning so long.

I did what it took.

A slip of a knife.

Crimson lies.

Taking life.


Don't ask.

Why I am in here.

I'm dangerous.

Your not aloud near.

I am a killer.

Yet you have no fear?

I can see it.

Your devilish smile.

It will be free.

Only takes a while.

You will be the same.

Our parents shame.

Is what I blame.







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