i promise

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what can is say i don’t really have that many people to talk to but i find people who will listen from time to time.but then i still feel alone with the one thing i want gone and the feeling of broken promises i don’t have a say to what i can to can do so what should i do . sit around and cry fight or maybe kill my self but all i do it cause trouble drama but i have a feeling that i can do much more than that. the reason i don’t care is because i don’t know how to care but this is my life and i want u to hear about.

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growing up

Submitted: March 29, 2017

Growing up i didn’t have what u would call the most the happy life. I was in foster home to foster home i moved Jamaica was not peaceful for me had a bad temper that turn into anger problem.Later one day i came home from the store to see my mom gone but my lil sis in fear my big bro with blood in his face. MY dad was never a nice person i became a killer that day and i never regret it as i saw my mom get beaten something snap i rush at him =with a knife stabbing stabbing and stabbing until i came to i was being watched fro ever cops locking me up shots meds and cameras nobody to care for nobody hear me cry. So we came to the USA i thought it was to much for me but my record was never wiped clean I’m stilll labeled a killing nobody didn’t trust me nobody didn’t want to hear me say a word so what should i do. I stared school BlackBurn i didn’t speak that much but people didn’t care they seen the news and knew who i was a killer from Jamaica the boy who killed his dad in a bloody rage so what i do i enjoy my self. But then it changed when a girl who i didnt know saw how i was being treated said hey. From then she keep say it i wonder why i never said it back and the reason why i didn’t care i could hear people tell her to no do that he a killer and a murder but a part of me came out that day i came and saw that i had place in the world. Then one day she said hey i said it back she said “My name is Julia” I didn’t say nothing but nod and moved on cuz i saw what might happen more pain but as time went she stop and i never herd from her again.
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