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About my used to be man~

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012



Mah boo, mah boy, mah man, mah human punchin bag

It amazes me so much that I've found someone like you

You care for me like noone else ever has

You're the first person to ask me how I feel about everything

You make me happy when I'm sad and you make me mad when I'm sad

I love that you're always there to ask me "how is mah Teddy?"

Bein called your "Teddy" makes me feel insanely happy

When I talk you listen, when I want to give you my opinion, you listen

My advice you follow

My nagging you endure

When I persistently make you repeat words that I want you to say over and over again you comply without complaint

When I need to talk you're there

Being held by you as I cry makes me feel safe

Having you wipe away my tears wipes away all my sadness

Even when we argue, I still love you

I love your good side and your bad side

Having you tell me everything about you makes me feel proud

Being able to know what your dream is makes me proud, because you chose to tell me

It makes me feel important when you tell me you secrets

And when I tell you mine, both good and bad you are there to comfort me and listen

Hearing and seeing that you love me for me never ceases to amaze me

Each day that I spend with you I always learn something new about you

I'm glad that I was able to meet your family and that I enjoyed their company

I wont tell you to stay by my side forever, because such a thing is not possible

All I want you to do is cherish and be happy within the time that we spend together

No matter how much time I can spend with you it is NEVER ENOUGH

I love the feel of your arms wrapped tightly around me

The way you look at me as though there is no other whom you cherish more

You are not like any other I have been with

Not only do you say how you feel about me, you show me as well

The little things you do for me, such as brushing the hair away from my face, patting my head, hugging me when I dont ask for it

All that and the many other little things you do for me make me proud to have you as the one who is a part of my life

No relationship is perfect

We may have our fights, and arguments every now and then but you and I always manage to talk about why we argued in the first place and resolve it

You don't treat me like an object, you treat me like a person

I stand as your equal, not someone of lesser importance than you

Being treated as someone whom is able to freely express her opinion keeps me content and sane

Even if I can't see you for two weeks or more, it is fine, for you always find a way for us to talk, you always tell me how ur day is and some of the things that you did that day

I'm not going to be the kind of girl who always asks what you do each and every day every minute

I know you need time by yourself and I give you that

To you, I am lovable, sweet, kind, and a source of your happiness

Once, you told me I am your everything

For that, I will cherish you and hold your heart with gentle hands

From time to time I contemplate how I would be without you

And I know I would be fine, but my life would not be complete without you

All the times I spend with you I learn new things about life and myself

My dream, you enourage me to pursue it

You help me to obtain it

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