Death Note: A New Chapter

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A new person has fallen into the hands of the note book. Ken Ichiga, high school clown who doesn't have a sense of justice at all. And that no sense of justice will leave plenty of entertainment for Ryuk! Meanwhile, Near finds a new apprentice.... will this be a new Kira case? A new battle between two pure souls will begin!

Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011



"The Death Note has many rules in it. You cannot do you please with out following them. My name is Ryuk. Im shinigami who lives in the Shinigami Realm. I used to have a friend who was from the human world.... he was a pain in the ass but he was smart! His name was Ligh Yagami. He wanted to make a better world by eliminating all of Earth's criminals starting with Japan! He defeated one of his toughest enemies, L. L was also a smart ass! But thanks to Light, he wounded up dead like the others who defied him! In his road of being Kira, he also defeated Mellow. Mellow was the biggest pain! He used his suspects as hostage to make Light confess! Haha! That didnt work! Light was on top of every thing! He was living up to his name of Kira, the god of the new world! Finally, Light went up against Near. Near was L's main succedor. He and Mellow were rivals in the investigation. Light thought he'd mastered the game, but in the end Near was the one to prevail! I had to write down Light's name in the Death Note as a reward of losing." *sign* "And I ended up bored again! Well now im about to see what happens when the next person picks up the Death Note!!!!"


One summer day, a high school teen was walking down the street when he saw a mysterious note book. "Hmm. Thats strange. Death Note!" He gasped at the title. "I'll take this home and check it out there!" Meet Ken Ichiga, high school clown. Even though it was summer, he still kept his title. He had dark brown hair, grey and mysterious eyes, and was about 5'4. He walked towards his drive way, when he recieved a call. He picked up his phone and answered. "Hello, this is Ken speaking...'' He shook his head. "No. How could forget something like that? You remind me every day, and every minute!" It was his mom asking about the trash.

Ken walked to his house and ran up stairs. He opened his room door and hopped on the bed. He flipped the book and read the instructions. "Hm... All I have to do is right a name and see a face? What ever! Oh well at least it will kill some time!" He saw a another teen walking down the street. It was Mike Wataski, Ken's greatest rival. They had been competing to be smarter every year in every grade. "If this work, I will be smarter than every one else!" He wrote Mike's name down without hesitation. "Hehe! Only 45 seconds to become the smartest!"

After the 45 seconds was up, he watched the rival fall on the ground to sudden death. Ken grinned evilly. "It worked!" He laughed. "I can destroy any one that gets in my way!" Ken put the note book in his private desk. "Now all I have to do is wait on the shinigami!" He said as he heard people panicing outside. "He will explain more to me! I can already tell this will be fun! I read about the Kira that romed Japan 10 years ago! The people of Japan will immediately praise me after a few killings! The cops and the FBI are all I really have to worry about! My dad is the president of the FBI so that will be easy!" He walked down the stairs to get an apple.

Ken took a bite out of the juicy apple. "This will be too easy!" He laughed crazily. "Pretty soon, all will bow before the new Kira!!!!" 

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