Day of Revelation

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Lying in a field staring up in the sky, two teenagers see what they can only describe as the apocolypes.

Submitted: July 22, 2008

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Submitted: July 22, 2008



The apocalypse hovered over their bodies as the two lay motionless in the field of tranquility outside their hometown. Staring upwards with uncertainty; the once soothing serenity of the summer sun that once cast beams of distant dreams upon their freckled faces now cast shades of sullen shadows. Even still, as their young hearts raced withtrepidation they watched in silent horror as the mighty beastsoared above and devoured the suns last drop of warmth as if it were swallowing it whole without even opening its mouth to consumeits flame. The day was at hand, andwhat started out as a warm picturesque day had turn violently coldwith a sudden wave of the devils sword. Without a word spoken, the two young teenagers could only gaze despairingly towards the heavens above.

"Johnny, what is it?" Emily asks as she squeezed his hand tightly.

"I'm not sure, but maybe I better get you home." Johnny said as he rose from off the ground pulling her up with a tug of his arm.

"It looks like a horse with some kind of monster on it to me. Oh my God Johnny, do you see that?"

"Yes I do," Johnny said with a look of utter concern on his face. Gazing upwards towards the sky he continued speaking even still with more urgency. "My God, I didn't believeum and they were right, they were right all along...its happening just like was told."

As they raced toward their homes; the winds rose in a second's time as lightning bolts shot past striking the towns' church and other objects while booms of thunder bellowed in the sudden darkness of the chosen day. Mighty trees that were planted for hundreds of yearswere pulled from the Earths foundationand tossed effortlessly to the ground like brittle twigs in a scattered breeze while distant sirens echoed in the crying wind, pleading for lost souls to seek shelter from the wrath of the coming doom.

"Johnny I'm scared," she cried as she held even tighter hishand. "I don't wanna die. I never believed...."

A lightning strike blasted a metel tower off in the near-by distant cutting her off in mid-sentence and sending both of them to the ground.

Seeing an old abandoned barn near the rim of the town, they gathered themselves and scurried past the open doors and fell to thefloor landing on a bed of hay. Safe from the onslaught for the time being they found themselves holding each other tightly as thefierce enigmacontinued toreek havoc around them, and as they held on to each other, they foundsomething else that day that they hadn't expected...a revelation oftheir newfound love for each other.

As quickly as it had started there was now calmin the evening air, and Johnny held close to Emily'sside. As the twolay there lost in each others eyes, he whispered.

"My God Emily, they were right."

"Who was right? Emily finally asked with a look of puzzlement on her face.

"The weatherman of course," Johnny said still trying to catch his breath. "Those bastards arenever right for Gods sake," he added.

"Well, I guess next time we go cloud gazing we better listen to um huh," Emily laughed as she moved her body in position to his. Without saying another word they both knew what brought them to this time and place. Not God,not demons, nor even the end of the world, but fate alone. Removing their wet clothing they made love as if it were indeed the last day on Earth.

As they gathered their belongings that lay scattered about, Emily peered outside at the sky above as she finished buttoning up her rain soaked blouse.

"Hey Johnny, when we were making pictures of the clouds, did you see that ominous one that looked like one of the four Horsemen of the apocalypse?"

Johnny smiled and said, "You mean the one right before all hell broke loose?"

They both laughed as they walked away hand in hand from the barn that held both their secrets and dreams. As they headed home, the sun reappeared from around a newly formed cloud.It was acloud that was as pure and white as loves first kiss. But even more noticeable; it was a cloud... in the shape of a heart.

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