Time is Happening

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Are there really a place on earth that nothing happens or do we carry the nothing to a place of happening? Does time toy with us with it's immense power? Could we really see the time when we look at a clock? This is a story of two men, met on a street, on time.

Submitted: December 09, 2012

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Submitted: December 09, 2012



Behind an abandoned building there was an abandoned street. On the street there was a man in an effort to defy it’s abandonment, walking up and down, up and down until the street was as abandoned as before. He was checking his watch constantly, every time he turned around not to lose his place of pace, he checked his watch. Every time dissapointed, he continued checking. Up, check, down, check, to, check, fro, check, he remained dissapointed.


A second man appeared in sight on this no longer abandoned street. He was wearing a hat, just like the man checking his watch, but he wasn’t wearing a watch, not like the man with the watch. He continued his way to this man who is walking up and down and attempted for his attention.


“Ehm…Sir, are you alright?”


Not noticing him immediately, the man turned and answered him, after checking his watch.


“Why hello, I’m quite alright and are you?”


“I’m ok my good sir, do you mind if I sit here?”




The man with a watch turned around and noticed the bench that gone unnoticed before.


“Ah, of course please go ahead it’s not like I own it.”


“Excuse me?”


“I said you didn’t have to ask, I do not own it.”


“So, if you owned it you wouldn’t allow me to sit here.”


“No, no I didn’t mean that. Shi-“


The man with a watch checked his watched again.


“I’m sorry I don’t know what I meant please sit.”


“How do you not know what you mean if you mean to say it?


“I…I don’t know please go ahead and sit I’m a little tense.”


“Whatever you say my good sir, you do look tense.”


The man without a watch sat on the bench and freely checked the view of the street while the man with a watch continued walking up and down, to and fro.


“Say, sir, you do check your watch a lot.”


“I do?”


“Yes you do.”


“Probably, it’s my watch.”


“Is it?”


“Yes it is.”


“Not like this bench I presume”


“Wha- ah yes not like it.”


“So can I check it?”


“Check what? The bench?”


“Why would I check a bench?”


“You wouldn’t”


“And why would I ask for permission, it’s not yours”


“It’s not. Yes, my friend I’m really sorry. I’m a little tense do you want to learn the time?”


“No not really.”


“Then why did you asked for time?”


“I didn’t.”


“You asked.”


“I didn’t. I asked for the watch”


“You want to check the watch?”


“Yes I do, to see what kind of watch it is”


“Well…ok go ahead and check it. Why didn’t you tell me more clearly at first.”


“I did.”


“Nevermind, do come and check it.”


The man without a watch got up and checked the watch. After a few seconds of inspection he turned to the man with the watch and said:


“Well it is a nice watch.”


“Thank you.”


“Why do you thank me?”


“Well you said it’s a nice watch.”


“It is.”


“That is why I thanked you.”


“Are you the one who crafted the watch?”




“Then why did you thank me?”


“Well I don’t know, because it’s my watch.”


“Not like this bench.”


“Yes not like it. Look I’m happy that you liked my watch ok, let’s leave it at that.”


“Ok, ok I didn’t mean to offend, I was just trying to make conversation.”


“I was trying to make conversation, you were destroying it.”


“I wasn’t. I was just trying to really converse. Ok, you know what, it is a nice watch but it has a problem.”


“What problem?”


“It is stuck.”


“No it is not, it is perfectly working.”


“Yes it is working.”



“But it is stuck.”


“How come it is stuck, if it’s working?”


“Well, it’s stuck on the same time. The numbers doesn’t change, the hands are always going in the same circle.”


“That’s just how a watch works. I don’t get the problem.”


“But it is not how time works.”




“I mean, what do you use the watch for?”


“To check the time of course.”


“See? But time doesn’t work that way.”


“So how does it work?”


“It doesn’t go around in the same circle. One circle doesn’t resemble the second, even though it looks the same. It keeps happening.”


“What? I don’t understand. Ok look my friend, I don’t know what you want from me. You looked at my watch you are happy, I am happy, let’s leave it at that.”


“You don’t look happy.”


“Because I’m a bit tense.”


“Why are you tense?”


“I’m waiting for somebody.”




“I don’t know her?”


“Where is she then?”


“I don’t know where exactly she is.”


“Then why are you waiting for her?”


“Probably to spend rest of my life with. But I may first go on a few dates to, you know, get to know her.”

“Whoa, that’s pretty big plans for someone you don’t even know.”


“Yes. That’s why I’m tense.”


The man without a watch sat down on the bench again and got comfortable. He produced a pipe and a lighter from his coat, he crossed his legs and proceeded to light his pipe. After he wiffed his first smoke to air, he turned to the man with a watch but didn’t say anything.


“Why are you sitting here like that?”


“I’m waiting for something too.”


“For what?”


“For something to happen.”


“Why here?”


“Well it is as good a place to wait for something to happen as anywhere else.”


“It would be fruitless.”




“Because nothing happens here. I have been here for a long time and nothing happened.”


“That is not true.”


“It is true.”


“My good sir, nothing never happens. Time is happening, evertime, everywhere.”




“You wouldn’t know with a stuck watch like that though.”


“My watch is alright and working. Quit saying it isn’t.”


“It’s worthless.”


“How am I to meet the girl that I’m waiting for if I don’t have a watch.”


“With timing.”


“Timing how?”


“You have to time the time. Being in the right place and at the right time won’t happen with a watch like yours. You can’t pick the right time with that. The time picks you, it snatches you and ties you with more time and in that tie only you will find great happenings.”


“I don’t follow.”


“Clearly. You are too preoccupied with your worthless watch.”


“Well my friend I really don’t get you and with riddles like yours no one would. If you want to really converse, you should stop being weird and stop talking in riddles.”


“I’m not being weird. You are being weird. You are waiting for somebody you don’t know to spend the rest of your life with. That is weird.”


“I won’t directly spend rest of my life with her, I’ll go on some dates first.”




“Nevermind, there is no one here anyway. I’ve been here for a long time and there have been no one.”


“What about the girls that pass through, couldn’t it be that you are waiting for one of them? You don’t know her after all.”


“What girls?”


“Well everytime you look at your watch a girl passes by. I even greeted them from here didn’t you notice?”


“No. I was looking at the time probably.”


“Well let me call one of them.”


The man without a watch got up, made an awkward motion to call one of the passing girls. The man with the watch noticed the girl only after she turned to the two men to make her way there.


“There really is a girl.”


“I told you there were girls passing when you looked at your watch.”


“And she is beautiful too. Looks just like the girl I’ve been waiting for.”


The man with a watch looked at his watch again.


“Just in time too. Yes she must be the one that I’m waiting for. I’m sure she is soft tempered and submissive. She sure is to like books, not only reading but also discussing. I can see it in her eyes, we bound to have the same  hobbies. She likes listening to music, reading and also playing music. She really has an artistic soul. She not only listens but also plays, and she plays tennis. Yes that is a fitting sport for a girl like that. She have to do sports, have to, look at her I mean a girl have to do sports. She does play tennis. I can feel she likes pasta, among with every kind of vegetable as a well cooked garnish or maybe more like a side dish. Look at her figure, she sure likes elegant food. I can’t imagine myself with someone who eats anything. What else on this beautiful being. Look at her beauty, I can see the strength in her submission. She definitely has a protectionist family. I mean look at she, she is well preserved, she does have a respectable family. She descended from them, these respectable aspects we will pass to our children. The strength in her submission, she yearns for a man in her life, that would be me, she will submit to me but she is powerfull, she will not let her family fiddle with our internal affairs. I can see it in her, she will be a great mother, caring but not too protective. She will devote herself to our child but won’t spoil him. Yes I know our first child will be a boy. Oh I can see it, I can see a great wife and mother in her. And just in time too, just in time my beautiful lady. How beautiful she is, how charming, I am charmed.”


“She does have a good lipstick.”


“I beg your pardon?”


“I said she has a good lipstick on. I mean the colour, that really goes well with her skin.”


“Whatever. Hush, she is approaching.”


The girl approached the two men. The one without a watch was still sitting on the bench, not an inch stirred on him when the girl came and looked at him with confused eyes.


“What do you want? Why did you wave?”


“He wanted to meet you, that’s why.”


The man without a watch pointed the man with the watch. He was looking at her eyes, seemed truly lost in them. Finally he managed to muster up some words of introduction.


“Hi, my name is Steve.”


The girl answered with an awkward look.


“Hi, I’m Eve. May I ask the reason you wanted to meet me?”


The man without a watch interrupted.


“He said he was waiting for you.”


“Waiting for me? Do I know you?”


The man with a watch answered.


“I don’t know. Do you?”


“I have no memory of you. Why are you waiting for me?”


The man without a watch interrupted again:


“He said he was waiting for somebody he doesn’t know.”


“Well maybe he was waiting for you.”


“No, not me, we already know each other.”


“I don’t understand.”


“Me neither.”


Girl, truly confused, without saying a word, turned around and attempted to leave but the man with the watch cought her arm and stopped her.


“Wait, I’m sorry if this is confusing for you but you must understand, I have waited my whole life for you. They said you would come, I knew you would come. Just…can I buy you a dinner?”


“Your whole life? I don’t understand, why would you…Anyway I don’t go out with strangers, I’m sorry.”


“We are no strangers, I know you.”


“That’s not true.”


“It is. Just listen to me, you do read  right?”


“Yes, of course.”


“You do listen to music.”




“And you play something. I know you play, a musical instrument.”


“No I don’t. I have never played anything. I have no talent for music. Look I don’t know what you are trying to prove or do but I won’t go out with you, even if you did know me.”




“You wear a hat. I mean, I can’t imagine myself with somebody with a hat. It’s looks archaic and very repulsive.”


“But it’s just a hat.”


“Can you take it off?”


“I don’t know. I have never taken it off. I…I don’t think so, it’s part of me, it’s my hat. A man has to wear his hat right, I mean, it’s a man’s hat, he gotta wear it.”


“Well, as I guessed, I’m sorry but you are all the same and I’m not interested. I have to go so good luck with your waiting.”


Finishing her words the girl turned around and left the scene with quick steps. The man with a watch remained silent for a time, truly dissapointed he turned and looked at the man without a watch sitting comfortable at the bench and enjoying his pipe. The man with the watch sighed.


“There she goes, and she was so beautiful just like I imagined her and just in time too. It’s a shame she wasn’t the one I’ve been waiting for.”


“But you said she was to play a musical instrument, she didn’t, how is that just like you imagined?”


“It’s not important. I can go with a girl like that. I mean have you looked at her eyes, maybe she was talentless in musical department but I bet she writes.”


“Maybe she was not the one you were waiting for, you don’t know her after all.”


“But she was on time. I was told, for all my life, that she would come exactly at this time, to this abandoned place. I have been waiting for her,preparing for her, she was perfect.”


“But she didn’t playe-“


“She was perfect! Perfect I say and just in time too. Shame she was not the one I’ve been waiting, shame.”


The man without a watch smiled and prepared to get up. He cleaned the back of his coat slapping his hands behind him and put away his pipe.


“You going?”


“I am.”


“Why? I thought you were waiting for something to happen.”


“It has happened my good sir. Now I have to take my leave.”

“What happened?”


The man without a watch smiled even broader.




And started his steps away from the man with a watch. When he exited the street and lost from the sight the street was as abandoned as before. The man with a watch, while still checking his watch, noticed other man’s hat, lying on the bench. He shouted after him but no one answered. In the end he returned walking up and down in the abandoned street, checking his watch.


“Damn she is late.”


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