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Submitted: June 17, 2012

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Submitted: June 17, 2012




Keeping us living in mediocrity

Greedily enslaving for monopoly

Invented systems of global control

Expecting that we won’t question their M.O.


Taking advantage of public trust

Serving their shame through blood lust

To big to ignore or so I should think

Apparently denial is impossible to sink


Terrorists in 5000 dollar suits

Enabled by brainwashed army recruits

Stringing the people up like puppets

With fear spread by their own media outlets


Pushing the blame on Iraq and Islam

When Islam is the victim of a corporate Jihad

Hostility justified through government lies

And Neocon missions that are pure genocide


Slaughtering the planet for personal gain

Sorry for nothing to those that they reign

Megalomania in its final phase

And freedom for the people in its final days


Truth be known that without banking interests

Corruption and slavery would never exist

Ethics and honesty in state and religion

Will never exist in a money based system


People like pawns to be bought and sold

Have been fucked since we traded meat for gold

The truth is there right before our eyes

Dressed up in a new world order disguise


Hypnotized by a monster commercial machine

Silenced by god and fear and disease

Threatened with the promise of incarceration

Speaking freely is apparently terrorization


We’re losing a war that we don’t know we’re in

Preoccupied by taxes and repenting our “sins"

Fucked stuck and dumbstruck drugged bugged and numbed up

By false flag realities and propaganda



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