People in the bus

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Experience of a bus ride

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



I'm waiting in the night, waiting in this bus stop

I light a cigarette

to kill the time and ease the stress

because of that annoying light what's flickering above the busmap

I check the time that it arrives, several times

why, I honoustly don't know

as many actions what i did, do and are to follow

when i finally notice these big lights coming my way

I mentally prepare myself for the busride

what kinda person is the busdriver that's going to take my 2,50

what is he gonna say?

and while the bus is nearing 

I'm walking up the curve

thinking you can all end this fucked up shit in this world right now if you jump right for it

as always I'm not really doing it, I'll probably never will

but that the idea is there it is possible to have a way out of this world comforts me

meanwhile the bus has already stopped for my nose

it lowers and I hear the hydraulic noice, you know what I mean

I calmly take my first step in this transport vehicle

While looking up, I see a fat soulless man sitting behind a big steering wheel, listening to some mainstream shit music on the radio

I hated him from the first moment I realised he actually liked that top 40 music

He didn't really payed attention to me, he just waited till I gave him the 2,50 for the ticket

I was broke at the moment and only had some change, a lot actually, like way too many 10 cents and shit

When I gave it to him, he got irrtitated because of the 'tiring' activity to put some change in his cassier

He asked: Did you break your money-box? (on a sarcastic way)

When he said that, I was thinking of punching him in the face than throwing him out of the bus, and drive the thing to spain or a coffeeshop

I got my ticket, said nothing and began walking, the first people I noticed was a couple sitting almost in the front

the woman was attractive but looked bored, they didn't say much

the man was looking out of the window, probably thinking of that horny chick from his work

I walked past them, smiled to the lady and walked further

there where two more people in the bus

one girl who looked pretty young to me, I guess something like 12

She was listening music, I didn't hear what she was listening to

I didn't really give a shit either, because it was probably shitty lady gaga music or something like that

I just got a glance of the last person in the bus, it was a dude around 20 years old

with maybe a little bit soul left, I couldn't tell, I didn't care

While I took my seat, with the couple in front of me, and the young girl and dude behind me, I was looking to the couple

I looked at them and thought how nice it would be to be that guy, just only sit next to that lady, knowing she loves you

these kind of couples always get me thinking why I still didn't find my soulmate, my number one girl

Before I almost reached my bus-stop, the dude behind me got a call

I could hear the other voice on the phone

It was a friend of him, he asked how he was ,and you know I heared the usual shit

why can people never just say something out of the ordinary,  not that I do it, I'm a fucking hypocrit 

after the usual talk, the friend tells the dude his bike got stolen the past weekend

the dude on the cellphone got pretty pissed and began to yell in the phone

I ofcourse noticed inmediately that the bike was lend from the dude

It was a pretty funny conversation, well for me, I dont think the dude thought the same

I never got to listen to the whole conversation

I never saw these people again

but they always will be printed in my memory

As the people on the bus, who got problems with bikes(the dude), their job(the busdriver) and their relationship( im not going to say the word you expect me to say because you will have to be fucking clever enough to figure shit like this out yourself)

I got out of the bus and walked away while the bus drove away into the night

I loved the time sitting in the bus, why?

I still don't know.











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