a poem for panda

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man describes his feelings for a girl he has true feelings for.

Here i have a poem for boo,

it should describe my angle of view


So let me explain without further adieu,

my feelings,reasons, and affection towards you


When i hear your name from other people....my chest rumbles,

when i see you with a guy my chest begins to pummel.


just seeing your face puts me at ease,

being with you gives me relief.


your beautiful smile gives me butterflies,

a smile so bright it’s as if it could probably reach the sky.


that bright light you give off which i am attached to,

a glowing angel i see that nobody can undo.


when your brown shiny eyes gaze upon me,

i feel at peace,it’s as if they’re hypnotizing.


i feel so much warmth with feeling when i hug you,

it feels as if we’re connected for a long time even though it’s only for a quick second….

a feeling i wish could last forever.


I’ve never been happier with anybody like how you make me happy.My heart has always felt closed for every other women, but i realize it clearly opens wide for panda.


When I go just one day without seeing you at school, it feels like i haven’t seen you in a week.


it’s weird how we’re not even in a relationship and I already have such a desire for you.


All along i have had such sentiment towards you, my soul just couldn’t keep all of these emotions bottled inside any longer..


between liking somebody and having a crush on them. I am beyond that with this girl.<3


Submitted: September 22, 2015

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