Fabric of Pain

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Wrote this after my gf broke up with me. It's shitty but ehh. Oh well lol. enjoy...

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013



From this tangled string I weave

A long lasting love to be concieved.

A love that is burning down this town.

A love that will finally bring me down.

Down from hate and from despair.

Down to the one I love and care.

Down to the one I can't live without.

Down to this place without doubt.

Now the fabric is begining to fall apart

and it is slowing eating away my heart

I'm left nothing but this gapping hole

That used to contain my heart and soul.

She took both of those and then she left

Left me behind with this giant cleft.

A cleft where my old self used to be.

A cleft that now everyone can see.

Now I'm starting to feel tired and sad.

Not knowing if I should feel upset or mad

She took away everything I gave

And now I'm stuck digging my own grave.

Hopefully, soon  I can find some peace.

Still waiting for this sadness to cease.

I miss her so much its making me sick.

feels like I got hit in the heart with a brick.

Maybe I'll just sleep till the year ends.

I'll be excited to see what time lends.

It might be good and lend a helping hand.

or it could be bad, who knows whats planned.

The only thing I look forward to is catching the train.

Hopefully, I can leave and  forget this fabric of pain.

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