Hall of Janish

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This is honestly one of my shitter stories, but why not post it anyway haha. So I hope you guys can partially like it :P

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



Noah sat and stared at the furnished apartment he just bought. Not know how to really react to the old apartment, he sat on the boxes that were pilled next to a wall in the living room. The only reason he returned to the small town of Covington was because of his mother. A few weeks ago, Mr. Janish, or Noah if you please, was told that his mother was very ill and dying of cancer. His mother was a very hearty woman who was very loud and always spoke her mind. It’s easier to say she wasn’t the most popular woman in town, but she definitely made it where everyone that knew her personally hated her. This is partially the reason why Noah hated Covington. Every little nook and cranny of Covington put a bad taste in Noah’s mouth. He hated the town and everyone in it.

He sat and looked in wonder. The apartment looked NOTHING like the pictures did. Even the Relater lied to him. Filling Noah’s head up of false hopes and lies, He was tricked into driving from his home in Indiana to Wisconsin. He was tricked to buy an apartment that had no potential at all. The whole apartment looked like it was taken from the eighties. The carpet in the living room was lime green shag carpeting with stains and worn spots. The kitchen was littered with dust and cob webs. All the furniture was very old, but still in good condition somehow. The same message kept replaying through his mind like a recorder set on a loop. You’ll love it here! It’s been empty for a while, but who buys an apartment in a small town anyway? Apparently Noah does. What’s a single guy going to do when his mom is sick and dying? Stay home and drive six hours a day to go see her? Noah sat up and walked around the apartment. Only one thing popped into his mind. One single word. Cold. The bare old apartment had literally felt like an ice box. Looking for the thermos stat, Noah walked around and examined the dirty old walls that he depended on to give him shelter. It reminded him of a scary movie he watched as a kid. Back when his mom used to be healthy and as perky as a peach. The sun was starting to set over the horizon.


A sound came from the small hallway near his bedroom. The layout of his apartment was very strange. The living room, dining room, and kitchen were all almost connected but were partially separated. If you were to walk past the kitchen, you would walk down a small hallway that had two doors on either side.

Noah stood up and asked “Hello?” There was no response. The snap sounded as if someone took a very small branch off of a tree and broke it in half. The sound was so crisp, it cut through the air and traveled into my ear as fast as lightning. Being here was bad enough, but deep down, this Scared Noah. By now, it was already dark out and Noah was trying find the light switch. Hearing that snap really put him on edge, but being in the dark made him even more anxious. All he could imagine was walking into a creepy looking face. The most common misconception is being afraid of the dark. No one on this planet is actually “afraid” of the dark, they are just scared of what’s in it. Scared of what could be in it. And that’s what scared Noah the most. What would he find in that dark hallway? What would he have to go up against?

Noah’s hand finally found the light switch. Flicking it up, The old light in the nearby kitchen turned on. It was a rat, and as soon as the light turned on it scurried into a nearby wall. Noah took a very light box of clothes and tried to throw it at it, but he missed terribly. “Fucking apartment has rats!” yelled Noah as he tried to collect himself. Looking at the floor, there was a lot of dirt and dust. The place had not been clean in a long time, and Noah was going to contact his lawyer in the morning. It wasn’t fair that he had to pay Nine hundred a month for this place. At least the apartment was furnished, but the furniture was very old and dusty. “Jesus! Did they even make a goddamn effort?!” said Noah as he ran his finger to collect the dust off of the old kitchen counter. He looked at his finger and saw a collection of dust. Out of frustration, he said “I knew I should have looked at this place before buying it! I fucking knew it! But noooo! I had to buy it right away!” He looked over and found the thermos stat on the wall. “Well at least there’s something good... some heat.” He turned it to seventy and sat in an old dusty chair in the living room. Dust spewed out of the chair when his body plopped down into it. It reeked of cigarette smoke and was covered in stains. Noah reached into his pocket and pulled out his iPhone. He pressed the button to turn the screen on and there it was. A picture of his mother. Well, what used to be his mother. In the picture, you see a large woman sitting in the passenger side of his car. It was sunny out and the sun was hitting her wrinkly face. The picture was the last picture he took of his mother before she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Seeing this brought tears to his eyes. His mother looked completely different now and was rotten down to the bone. Her skeletal image flashed in his brain, reminding Noah of what his mother looks like now. Ignoring it, he went to contacts and looked up the name Fred, his lawyer. He hit the call button next to his name and the phone started ringing.

“Hello?” said a very rough and coarse voice.

“Freddy, this is Noah! Hey do you remember that apartment I was gonna buy?” said Noah

“Er, Not really. Why? Is everything ok?”

“Well, not really. I got scammed. This place is a fucking dump, and THAT’S an understatement.”

“Ok Noah. I understand. Just got a question, why in the hell are you all the way up in Wisconsin?”

Noah sat there a tried to say why he was up there, but the words wouldn’t come out. It was as if I was trying to talk, but my tongue wouldn’t make the words I want.

“… My mother... She’s…. she’s not doing well.” Noah said with sadness and melancholy in his voice.

“… I’m so sorry Noah. How are you holding up?” Said Fred.

“I don’t wanna talk about. I just wanna-“  Noah was interrupted by a very large THUMP.

“What the hell was that? Is everything ok Noah?” Asked Fred

“You heard that too?” Noah asked Fred

“Of course! Are you ok?” asked Fred again

“… It came from upstairs. Goddamn neighbors! I need out of this-“ Noah was interrupted by another THUMP.

“… I’m gonna call you back.” Said Noah. He quickly hung up without giving Fred a chance to say anything.


“What the fuck are you doing up there?!” Noah yelled up at the ceiling. Getting ready to call the cops, Noah was listening to what the hell was going on. It was silent, but he could hear them walking back and forth. Are they moving in? Hell, maybe I can open up to someone finally. Still hearing them someone walking back and forth, Noah was going to go up and talk to them. Noah’s apartment was surprisingly four stories tall. Noah wanted to live on the first floor, but he got put on the third. What worried noah was the fact that he had never been on the other floors. Walking down the third floor to his apartment was bad enough. It looked as though it had never been swept and smelled like wet dog. There was only five other residence in the whole apartment. It was strange, But could you really blame them? It was the worst of the worst.

Walking out of his small apartment, Noah started down the hallway. As he walked, he could still hear the walking. It was strange, but he never questioned it. He was gonna handle it. He reached the quiet little stair way that connected the floors together. Slowly and steadily, he walked up the stairs leading up to the third floor. Every step made Noah heart beat faster and faster. The stairway was lit with an eerie glow due to the old light fixtures on the walls. Noah finally made it up to the top floor. Scratched into the dirty wall were the words “The hall of Janish.” This made Noah shiver from the neck down. Noah’s last name was Janish. Why did someone write this into the wall? Scared, Noah mad a run for it and ran through the fourth floor door leading into the hallway. Dark and cold, the hallway was unfamiliar and uncharted to Noah. Suddenly, he heard someone running in the dark. It sounded like the same running that made him go up there in the first place. “Hey! Can you please stop running?!” yelled noah. “Some people want some peace and quiet!” As he walked into the dark corridor, he stumbled upon a flashlight lying on the ground. It was warm from being on for so long and looked as though it had been on for a while. Noah pointed the flashlight down the hallway. His eye caught the glimpse of a person walking into the apartment that was above his. “Hey! Hey! What the hell is going on!?” yelled noah as he walked closer to the apartment. The lights near the apartment were off, so the part of the hallway that he was in was pitch dark. The flashlight that Noah pointed at the apartment doorway revealed that the door was left wide open.

Feeling a very cold draft, Noah didn’t follow his instincts and walked into the apartment. It was empty. It even looked almost bare. No furniture, No carpeting, Nothing. Trying to hold his flashlight steady, Noah pointed it around the vacant apartment. “W-Who in the fuck is there?! I’m gonna call the cops if you don’t show yourself!” yelled noah with a shakiness in his voice. While looking around, a noise came from his pocket. It was his cellphone. Instead of answering it, he just stuck with looking around. Eventually it went to voicemail but noah was too distracted to care. All he wanted to do was run back to his apartment and hide. Suddenly a noise came from behind him. He jumped around and shined his flashlight on the source of the sound. There it was, standing with its back facing him. It was a naked older woman, probably in her nineties, and she just stood there looking out the window. Scared and ignorant, he asked “w-w-what the hell are you doing up here?!”  There was no response. She just stood there and stared out the window as if she were waiting for something. Taking a closer look, noah noticed something very wrong about the woman. Her pale skin had these very strange sores all over her body. The discolored wounds looked very painful and looked as though the flesh had been rotten. The flashlight in his hand was now flickering and losing power. It was the worst possible time for this to happen and it was honestly one of the scariest moments in Noah’s life. The light stopped flickering and turned on, revealing that the older lady was now facing him. Jumping from fright, He pointed it at her face. It couldn’t have been right. Noah’s eyes must have been playing tricks on him. When he pointed that flashlight on her old face, it wasn’t a strange creature nor was it a stray from somewhere. No. It was much more than that. It was Noah’s mother who was standing there.

That was the last time he was seen. No one had ever heard from him again. Close friends of his investigated his disappearance, but always hit a dead end when it came to the phone call he had with his lawyer. The only thing they found was his cell phone with the one missed call on it. Police had gone through the little cell phone and listened to all of his voicemails. The missed call was from a doctor at the small hospital in Covington. Talking in a very sad, yet professional voice the doctor left the message and ended the call. Noah’s mother had passed away.

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